/What makes Italy the best food and wine tours destination

What makes Italy the best food and wine tours destination

Italy has a well-established brand when it comes to food and wine tour experiences. From its stunning landscapes to the local winemaker that guides you through its vineyards, to the locals you meet along the way, Italy has such a deep cultural identity that it is simply impossible to ignore. We, at FindYourItaly, are very proud to help both visitors and tour operators to explore and enjoy the best food and wine tours in our beautiful peninsula.

Wine and food tours in Italy are a must, not only for visitors

It comes with no surprise that all types of customers, both groups and private groups, request to include some food and wine tours in their holiday package in Italy.

As reported recently by Enit, one every 4 visitors come to Italy for its food and wine experiences, with overall spending of €223 million registered in 2017 just from visitors, an increase of 70% compared to 2013. Food and wine tourism is with no doubt a great opportunity for tour operators specialised in Italy as destination.

The Italian treasure is hidden in every little alleyway, each village, each sight and insight in the Italian culture. Every region prides itself on being the best food & winemaker: your experience in the Italian travel market surely confirms that most of the time every place – and sometimes even each small village – has its special local wine and its own recipe of the same dish that makes every experience truly unique.

In Italy, food and wine tours are the way to connect to people

We, at FindYourItaly, know very well that there is a strong correlation between culture and food and wine tours in Italy: this is still its most important Unique Selling Point but we know it goes far beyond this.

This is why our curated selection of food and wine tours in Italy encompasses a very wide range of different unique activities: from meeting the local farmer to learn the secrets behind the ingredients of a specific dish, to truffle hunting in the woods, to making your own “gelato”, to meeting the artisans, to enjoying a specific wine together with the local sommelier.

If you or your customers want to escape the bustle of big overcrowded destinations in Italy, food and wine tours with FindYourItaly will be the perfect combination between truly local, curated and palate-fulfilling experiences.

From Rome to Venice: a wine and food tour adventure

Our selection of tours includes both the world-famous destinations, to be explored with the fresh perspective of the local experts, and the lesser-visited regions, where artisans and cooks will teach you their most precious secrets. Our wine and food tour offer is dedicated to the most enthusiastic foodies, who will enjoy both the magical eternal city of Rome and the Tuscan countryside, the vibrant Bologna and the dreamy city of Venice: a trip all around the best Italian tasteful destinations.

You can learn more about our offer here: Foodie Italy: a gastronomic adventure from Rome to Venice

Piedmont: your next gourmet experience

Our Gourmet holiday on Piedmont hills is specifically designed to meet the food and wine enthusiasts expectations.

From savouring the best wines to the finest dishes of this incredible region in Northern Italy, you will be taught techniques and skills by knowledgeable local experts, learn how to go truffle hunting, while learning how to master Italian recipes and having the chance to visit the most important locations in the region, such as the Medieval Castle of Grinzane Cavour and the Castle of Barolo.

You can learn more about our offer here: Gourmet holiday on Piedmont hills

Explore the full range of food and wine tours and activities in our dedicated section.

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