/Back to the roots: find out what Drink & Taste Italy really means with FindYourItaly

Back to the roots: find out what Drink & Taste Italy really means with FindYourItaly

That moment when you seat at the local Bars for your first cappuccino and the smell of the creamy cornettos behind the window reaches your senses; when you walk in a restaurant in that beautiful medieval village in the middle of the Italian countryside and the owner comes over to welcome you to his “house” with a big warm smile that keeps the winter outside the doors. That day when while walking through the alleyways of the harbor, your partner spots a tiny local fish restaurant at the corner, that seems to be waiting for you. When the wine producer walks you through his old wine cellar explaining how hard work and passion give life to quality and genuine products and you seat together sipping a glass of gorgeous Italian wine.

It comes with no surprise that Italy is widely known as one of the best destinations in the world for real gourmet lovers. Drinking and eating in Italy is not just about nourishment: it’s about living your meals as a magical moment to enjoy with all your senses. Yet, it’s not just a personal experience: conviviality plays a great role in our culture and gathering all together for a meal in Italy means sharing a moment with friends or soon-to-be friends.

That’s why we, at Find Your Italy, offer a wide range of hand-picked food & wine experience, specifically designed to let your customers understand and enjoy our unique Italian local food culture to the fullest.

One Country, twenty regions, thousands of recipes

Our drinking and culinary culture has deep roots that stretch till today, where traditional dishes and drinks do not lose their charm in the modern age: they shine towards it with renovated local identity.

Whether you are a travel agent that specializes in Italy as a destination or you aim to become one, the first thing you need to know about the “Bel Paese” is that there is not such a thing as an Italian dish. There are several Sicilian versions of pizza, there is more than Tuscany to enjoy old vineyards and wines, and the list goes on: Italian people tend to feel their community, city and regional identity before their country and this extends to a very prolific yet unique regional food and drink culture offering.

This is why your customers will find that every region or even village might offer a completely different recipe of the same dish, confirming the “Bel Paese” as the richest country in terms of local food & drink offering.

Becoming aware of the importance of the regional identity influence on the Italian dishes is key for experiencing the Italian food and drink culture to the fullest. And, at the same time, its uniqueness grants travel agents like you the opportunity to always fulfill the needs and expectations even of your more high-demanding customers.

Drink & Taste Italy to the fullest with FindYourItaly

A perfect balance between a wide food & drink cultural heritage, a social activity and yet, a deep self – indulgence experience awaits travelers looking for an extremely local food & drink experience in Italy,

Whether your customers love adding a wine tasting tour to a trekking experience in Cinque Terre or aim to live a gourmet holiday along the Piedmont hills or learn how wine travels from the vineyards to the table in Sicily, we, at Find Your Italy, will help you find hand-picked solutions for your customers looking for a gourmet holiday in Italy.

Explore our offering to find out the best solution for your customers in our dedicated section.

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