We are a Tour Operator and DMC expert in promoting tourism and business travel in the whole of Italy. We offer both classic destinations with a local flavour, as well as hidden locations and amazing experiences away from the tourist crowds.

Our Mission:

We want every citizen of the world to associate Italy with passion, culture, art, nature, food and wine… and bring travellers beyond the clichés promoted by tourism brochures. That’s why our mission is to promote destinations and itinerary off the beaten tracks, creating direct links between with genuine Italian people, offering responsible and sustainable tourism trips and experiences all around Italy.

We bring travellers all over the world in new and uncovered locations as well as in the iconic Italian destinations, but with a genuine and local flavor which can best satisfy your customers: step into the real Italy!

Our Services:

Local experiences and activities, accommodations, transfers, tailor made tours and itinerary, private guides and meals (and local management where required) are all areas where we can provide superior services through our large database of specialist suppliers and local experts all across Italy.

We can serve both FIT and Groups, small and big, so whether your need is an exclusive and unusual city break under your own brand, a quote for a wedding party or a special excursion to sell to your customer base for defined dates, Find Your Italy is the trusted partner you can rely upon.


We have experience in making travellers feel like home, and can be on your side for a wide variety of needs, from business trips to experiential escapes.

“Please note that Marie, group leader phoned us back telling us that they were very satisfied with the program and help you offered them so: thank you for everything !”
Guy Kluyskens - Smarttravel
“The experience was really beautiful. Everyone, on any seniority level with in the company, was enthusiast about the days in Rome. To sum up, between last minutes custom changes and optional request everything ran very smoothly and successful.”
Francesco Schettino - Boston Consulting Group
“We appreciate the flexibility and problem solving attitude of FindYourItaly in line with our complex and last minute variations”
Serenella Vasini - Tribucoop


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.