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We are a Tour Operator and DMC expert in promoting tourism and business travel in the whole of Italy. We offer both classic destinations with a local flavour, as well as hidden locations and amazing experiences away from the tourist crowds.

Our mission is to promote destinations and itineraries off the beaten tracks, creating direct links between with genuine Italian people, offering responsible and sustainable tourism trips and experiences all around Italy.

Our product is made of only destinations and partners which can unveil to the traveller the real sense of being in Italy. Both in main cities and in hidden corners of the country we can design the perfect customized itinerary to travel like a local, with services at the highest standards, in full respect of sustainability

Our buddies are the local stars. They are licensed and professional guides, art experts, archeologists but first of all they are passionate people willing to share the love for their country and giving an incomparable added value to your travel experience.


We have experience in making travellers feel like home, and can be on your side for a wide variety of needs, from business trips to experiential escapes.

What our B2B Partners say:

“Please note that Marie, group leader phoned us back telling us that they were very satisfied with the program and help you offered them so: thank you for everything !”

Guy Kluyskens - Smarttravel

“The experience was really beautiful. Everyone, on any seniority level with in the company, was enthusiast about the days in Rome. To sum up, between last minutes custom changes and optional request everything ran very smoothly and successful.”

Francesco Schettino - Boston Consulting Group

“We appreciate the flexibility and problem solving attitude of FindYourItaly in line with our complex and last minute variations”

Serenella Vasini - Tribucoop

What our travellers say:

Chiara was charming and looked after me very well. I felt like part of the family. My room was actually a suite, and beautifully decorated. The bed was very comfortable. I cooked the food, so of course it was amazing. The day cooking was fantastic. Everyone shared a love of good food. Breakfast, and my first dinner featured herbs and fruits from the garden. All freshly prepared and delicious. The garden looks and smells wonderful. And the view from the windows was stunning. A perfect place to relax and a perfect base for exploring the countryside.

Susan, Tour Radar review

We had a great time here! We are traveling with a child – so a huge private park here was very helpful for Shon. We loved a full equipped flat in old house and a park inside. I prefer to stay in not-tourist place to feel more the life of local people and to meet them closer. For that reason we rented a flat from FYI and the flat and the little town were better than expected. Thanks a lot!!! Andrey and Nataly

Andrey, Tour Radar review

We have just got back from Rome. We all had a great time. Transfers were all on time, your gift on arrival was fantastico. The hotel was in a perfect location (we walked an average of 12 kms a day) and the Vatican tour was excellent. The tour guide was excellent (and not having to queue was a bonus), she was very professional and spoke good English. I would have not doubts in recommending her in the future. We had great food and wine so what more can you want? Thank you for all you help and advice and enjoy the Easter break.

John, Tour Radar review


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best in bespoke travel


When it comes to our advice we’re proud to say we’re different. We offer something a little more special.