/How off-the-beaten-track travels in Italy look like now: an example

How off-the-beaten-track travels in Italy look like now: an example

All the best tour operators in Italy – whether or not they specialize in sustainable off-the-beaten-track tours in Italy like us – have to comply with the new safety rules for travels and activities. We at FindYourItaly know how important is still to keep having a local original approach while helping our customers, partners, and staff stay safe at all times. 

That’s why our team worked hard to apply all the required adjustments to our present tours and to create new exciting off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy

If you are wondering how off-the-beaten-track travels in Italy look like now, here you will find a few examples. 

Your safely: our top priority

Social distancing is guaranteed in all our group tours: we organize very small groups as well as private and personalized off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy. This means our tours are perfectly suitable for all those customers who want to experience the hidden corners of Italy while traveling with their family or a small group of friends. 

It is our mission to provide always high-quality sustainable tours in Italy to our customers: this is why it has been natural for our Tour Operator to adapt our tours. What we are doing includes:

  • Creating new exciting off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy, to help to avoid the crowds while enjoying the most amazing destinations 
  • Reducing the maximum number of participants on guided tours and trips
  • Ensuring social distancing measures are applied at all times, from transfers to activities
  • Inviting all participants to make use of safety masks. when necessary
  • Measure your body temperature, when necessary

This is not just an example, it is very likely how off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy will look like from now on to guarantee safety at all times for everyone.

In all our off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy, our partners are hand-picked for a reason

From accommodation to activity providers, all our partners are carefully selected to meet the highest standards of quality for our off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy. As an example of this, you can have a look at one of our latest interviews with Roberta, our Product and Sales Manager, who explained this in Responsible tourism in Italy: how tour operators can make it possible

Staying up to date with the latest news in terms of standards and guidelines is a must, now more than ever: we always strive to guarantee the highest levels of safety for our guests, partners, and staff; our partner selection is contributing to this goal too. 

Some examples of our off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy 

Natual landscapes and hidden gems are part of our best off-the-beaten-track experiences in ItalyIf you are looking for more practical examples of how off-the-beaten-track travels in Italy look like now, feel free to have a look at our best options for your customers:

Find the best off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy with us

We at FindYourItaly always strive to look for off-the-beaten-track travel opportunities in Italy as we strongly believe it’s the best way to enjoy every destination safely.

It’s part of our mission to give priority to our guests’ needs to make sure their experience is always up to their expectations. Our team will continue to guarantee the highest levels of safety in every off-the-beaten-track experience we organize in Italy. 

Find out more about our off-the-beaten-track experiences in Italy at this link!

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