/10+ Amazing food and wine tours in Italy you should absolutely not miss

10+ Amazing food and wine tours in Italy you should absolutely not miss

Food and wine tours in Italy are always a hit: no matter the region, the trend of the year, the season, or the time of the day, the Italian peninsula offers all kinds of great experiences that always exceed your customers’ expectations. 

As mentioned in one of the latest Forbes’ article, Italy is a “country where chefs can turn the simplest recipes into sublime culinary experiences”. It’s not just about the starred-chefs nor the ingredients, which are always locally sourced and fresh. The best part is yet to come: in Italy, you can meet the real producers and grab a bit of their culinary traditions knowledge during each selected wine and food tour you want to offer. 

If you want to make your tours offer even more compelling to the eyes of your customers, you should definitely mention that you aim at finding 100% sustainable wine and food tours in Italy! 

If you don’t know where to start, here our team’s suggestions for food and wine tours in Italy that will surely meet your customers’ most delicious needs. 

Sustainable cooking classes: hands-on food and wine tours in Italysweetest

Do your customers like being the real protagonist of their trip to Italy? Then a cooking class is the best food and wine tour experience in Italy you should look for them. 

A cooking class in Italy is your great chance to live a real hands-on experience while enjoying the beautiful landscapes, selected accommodations, and fun activities our peninsula offers.

At FindYourItaly, we always strive to create the perfect tour of Italy; this means that all our cooking class experiences include a fun and relaxing atmosphere, professionals handling the class, and a sustainable touch. To sustain a fairer way of travel as well as the local community in Italy, our hand-picked food and wine tours suppliers range from cooking experience with organic ingredients to boutique family-run accommodation options. 

Here few suggestions you can have a look at:

Meet the local producers in Italy, go deeper with food and wine tours

Do your customers enjoy meeting new people and finding the deepest (culinary) secrets of a destination? Then a food and wine tour in Italy to meet local producers is certainly the best experience to offer them.

This type of tour helps your customers meet local people and get a closer look at the way the world-known delicacies are made, from regional wines to the gastronomy top hits such as Parmesan and Prosciutto. Food and wine tours in Italy where you can meet the local producers focus more on connection to people to get to know the destination, its history, and traditions while having the chance to grab a bit of Italian people’s savviness in producing high-quality food and wine products.  

If you want your customers to have the chance to meet Italian local producers, we suggest starting with our Wine & Olive Oil Tour from Como Lake to Amalfi Coast, a food and wine tour of Italy that explores the real Italian olive oil and winemaking traditions. 

Classical Food & Wine Tours in Italy, with a difference

Did you know our motto is “Classic with a Difference”? If you didn’t, we are happy that now you do: FindYourItaly strives to cater always unique and responsible wine and food tours in Italy while including in the itinerary the locations your customers would never want to miss in their trip to Italy. We do so by creating the perfect travel experience that can combine a balanced mix of tasting tours, fun activities, and a fulfilling atmosphere. 

From driving in beautiful landscapes to tasting regional specialties and wines, to staying in charming private estates, we suggest to have a look at our most successful food and wine tours in Italy here: 

Discover the kaleidoscopic flavors of Italy during a food or wine tour with us! If you need a specific departure date or you want to combine more food and wine tour experiences, please feel free to reach us out: we’d be happy to help you craft a great itinerary for your group or private parties.

Get inspired by FindYourItaly’s sustainable food and wine tours in Italy 

Whether you are looking for a few days or week-long experience, our team is at your full disposal to organize the best food and wine tours in Italy for you and your customers.

FindYourItaly helps passionate visitors connect with locals through sustainable wine and food tours in Italy, from cooking classes to guided wine tastings, meeting with local producers, and much more. Explore the vibrant food and wine tours scene in Italy with us: find more information about our wine and food tours in Italy by clicking here. 

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