/EcoTrail Florence, where passion meets nature: Interview with Davide Grazielli, Endurance Coach in Italy

EcoTrail Florence, where passion meets nature: Interview with Davide Grazielli, Endurance Coach in Italy

EcoTrail Florence is an eco-friendly, sustainable, outdoor activity that is part of the Trail Running project whereby people run, or jog, through and at one with nature in the Tuscan landscape.

We at FindYourItaly truly believe that living your passion is one of the best ways to reconnect with nature, with life and definitely with oneself. As the EcoTrail Florence departure dates are approaching, we took the chance to have a chat with our partner Davide Grazielli, Endurance & Ultra-Marathon Coach and coach for the EcoTrail Florence: a great opportunity to better understand what a trail running experience entails and what makes people click about it.

Hi Davide, thanks for being with us today. It’s always exciting to have the opportunity to talk to someone who combines his love for nature with his life passion.

Would you like to tell us more about what brought you to running almost as a life mission?

Well, running has always been a family passion: my father used to run ultra-marathons in the ’70s so it has never been such a distant idea; running has always been our hobby. Then, one day a friend took me for a run in the forest and that was the day I felt the urge to push my passion to a new level. Needless to say, my enthusiasm escalated quickly, and running is my full-time job now. I think I found very exciting to run long distance trails; nonetheless, there’s something I still find very fascinating: the way running can become an essential part of your daily life.

The EcoTrail Florence and the Trail Running project revolves around competition as its core activity but it’s not just about it, is it? Can you tell us more about what makes it a 360° experience?

It goes a little further than a chronometric and kilometric purpose. The Trail Running and the EcoTrail Florence aim to consider the runner as a whole: runners are not just athletes, they are people first. We love the idea of providing a 360° experience that encompasses many different aspects to become a memorable experience: running in nature is a perfect combination as it allows to fully experience the landscape and the environment we live and move in.

For most people running seems a very individual activity. Do you think that’s the case in EcoTrail Florence?

Running can be an individual experience and this usually happens in long-distance running activity but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are many ways running can become a shared experience that helps people approach the competition – and it can be the competition itself – while having a much more fun and effective experience.

In the EcoTrail experience in Florence participants have the opportunity to join a group of people that will eventually share the preparation and warm-up part, discuss expectations or simply share the running experience: sharing is always the best way to unload pre-competition pressure and find further motivation during the race. And there is nothing better than closing a racing experience gathered together around a table while enjoying amazing local wine and food and talking about the thoughts and emotions we felt during the day.

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In fact, the EcoTrail Florence gives people a great chance to enjoy Tuscany beyond running.
Exactly. What’s really special about this experience is the environment surrounding us. In Italy, the weather conditions sometimes allow you to run in T-shirts and shorts in the middle of the winter. I gained deep experience in Trail Running thanks to years of practice and certified technical training, but the real protagonist has always been the destination and everything that revolves around it.

Why people should pick EcoTrail Florence as their next experience? Can everyone join?
Taking part to EcoTrail Florence means having the possibility to enjoy running while exploring Tuscany, one of the most interesting regions in Italy. The best way to kick off the season and approach Italy from a completely new perspective.

Plus, EcoTrail Florence is tailored to meet everyone’s needs. People can apply for the “runner package”, which is designed for those who want to join the trail running experience; nonetheless, the “non-runner package” is also available and it is tailored to meet the needs of those who want to join the trip without having to take part to the race.

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Is there a specific attitude people should aim for in this EcoTrail trip?

Looking for a balanced lifestyle allows us to include sports activity within a “sustainable” system for both the body and the mind. I often see athletes trying to “force” the race into their daily routine: I believe sometimes one must learn to prioritize Quality over Quantity, looking for targeted training that can achieve maximum results with minimal effort. This approach also helps not to lose the pleasure of running as a moment of leisure.

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