/What is happening – Updates on the situation in Italy

What is happening – Updates on the situation in Italy

What is​ Coronavirus

Coronavirus is meant to be a family of viruses that cause illness and sick similar to flu and respiratory diseases. 

Official Source of info on facts and stats about COVID-19 situation in Italy

To help you assess what is actually happening in Italy about COVID-19, we gathered a few helpful links to official sources of information:

What is happening in Italy – Updates

Updated on June 3rd, 2020

Please check the following article: Italy announces borders reopenings and the start of the Phase 3 [Updated: June 3rd]

Updated on March 19th, 2020

As you all know our country has been seriously impacted by COVID-19 pandemic, and the all world is now facing a very challenging time.

As citizens, we are now called to give our contribution by adopting all the necessary measures to limit the outbreak of the virus and get soon out of it. This imposes sacrifices: we cannot get out of our homes unless for buying goods of basic necessities, and for going to work (for those activities allowed to stay open), we have to stay away from our parents and friends, we have to reassure our children that everything will be just fine.

The impact on the travel industry has been devastating and we have to accept that all our hard work of these last period to get tours in place it’s all flying out the window, and there will be no income for the next months.

But we want to stay positive and be at your side, convinced that all together we can overcome this dark hour. We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty and concern right now, but please rest assured that our team is diligently monitoring the public-health situation on the ground.

Traveler’s safety is our top priority and we are proactively working to share helpful information with you.

# Restrictions on Travel to Italy

To limit the potential spread of the virus, the Italian government has preemptively introduced restrictions, which will be in effect until April 3, 2020:

  • Travel within the country has been suspended.
  • Public gatherings and organized events of any kind have been suspended.
  • Communal and social spaces, as well as museums and cultural spaces, are closed.
  • Shops selling good of basic necessities (food stores, pharmacies, etc) are regularly open.
  • Trains and public transportation are running with some restrictions on night hours.

Our team of travel experts is monitoring daily developments.

In the event your travel is impacted by this, one of our team members will personally reach out to you or your clients and propose alternative travel options.

If you have confirmed bookings with us but you or your client wish to cancel the reservation, regardless of the date of travel, we will work with you to reschedule your trip or, we can issue you a credit for future travel. This credit is equal to the amount already paid, minus non-refundable items. Rescheduled trips need to be booked and completed by the 31st of December 2021 and are subject to rate changes based on your new travel dates.

# Future Bookings

As we understand this difficult moment and the uncertainty that he has generated, we adopted a more flexible cancellation policy. For all new reservations, we will apply a free cancellation until 30 days before the arrival.

# We want to hear from you 

Is there additional information your clients are requesting that we may be able to provide you with? Are there initiatives, projects that could be helpful to ease your clients’ concerns about future bookings to Italy?

Thank you for your continued business and support.

We are here to assist you in any way possible, and look forward to your response. You can contact us by writing at booking@findyouritaly.com.

We are all on the same boat but if we stay together, we’ll get soon out of the storm!

Roberta, Daniela, Sara, Andrea & all the FindYourItaly Team.



Updated on: March 2nd, 2020

Local authorities have implemented incredibly strict actions to avoid the virus spreading any further – which can be seen as an overreaction but – in order to prevent a wider diffusion, to help faster recovery and definitely to lower the burden on the medical sanitary system which needs to remain effective in its usual support to citizens.

What we are doing to help our travelers and our travel partner

As a team, we support and are following the directives of the regional authorities, and as individuals, we have been worried as well by news on the media, and we did learn more, to be sure that our families and children were safe, and this is why we can still say that worldwide travelers should keep planning trips to Italy.

Traveler’s safety is our top priority and we are proactively working to share helpful information with you.

Here some practical tips:

# Do you have a trip booked with us? 

We’re looking forward to working closely with all of you to regain control over this situation, at least in regards to our booked and prospective travellers.

Our advice to travelers is: before canceling trips you have dreamed of for a lifetime, just wait and see. Data and facts are available to show the exact impact of this, panic is part of the media cycle and it will fade away soon, and what will be left is our wonderful country waiting for you, and you’ll be relieved to have postponed any decision.

However, we understand the concern about travelling to Italy right now and therefore:

  • We are offering full flexibility to help you relieve the stress
  • We are constantly up to date about the current health situation in our country and are fully available for any information to give you direct information on travel situation in Italy and plan the best options for your customers.
  • We adapted our cancellation terms, offering the possibility to postpone the terms of payment or to re-book clients that are scared to travel right now to summer/autumn dates without any extra charge.
  • We are making arrangements with our services providers to minimize their free cancellation period in order to make it easier for you to keep your booking without worries.

# Planning future travel to Italy? 

We offer the possibility to book now and pay later!

Contact us via mail: booking@findyouritaly.com

# How to call or chat us via mobile, WhatsApp or skype

We look forward to speaking with you.

We are here to help!

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