/Italy announces borders reopenings and the start of the Phase 3 [Updated: June 3rd]

Italy announces borders reopenings and the start of the Phase 3 [Updated: June 3rd]

Italy continues to ease lockdown measures as the spread of the virus is increasingly under control.  “Data on coronavirus infections have been encouraging since 4 Maysaid the Italian Prime Minister Conte yesterday at his latest conference. Following prudence and realism, Italy is now ready to reopen the international borders: there are still rules in place to keep everyone safe. 

Let’s dive into the details.

Updates on the situation in Italy

“We’ve done it, thanks to the sacrifices everyone has made” said Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia last Wednesday. “Now it’s time to focus on protecting the economy and jobs”. Italy is at the moment in the so-called “Phase 3”, which means “living alongside the virus” while keeping the situation under strict control: in case the number of cases arises again, new measures will be put in place.

The most important updates regarding traveling to Italy are the following: 

  • Travels to Italy is possible and quarantine is not necessary anymore if you are coming from specific European countries, under specific circumstances
  • Travels to Italy from outside of Europe are not still possible till June 15th.
  • Traveling across regions is possible as of June 3rd
  • Restaurants, gyms, amusement parks, and pools are open
  • Access to the beach and attractions is possible although generally subject to a booking process

Traveling to Italy? Here’s how to keep staying updated

Social distancing and other precautions are expected to stay in place for as long as it’s needed since the risk of infection has not disappeared yet in the country.  

To know more about the situation and have a daily update we invite you to check: 

Are there any restrictions to travel to Italy?

As of June 3rd, it is possible to move across different regions across Italy and travel to Italy from abroad with easier safety measures in place. 

Who is allowed to travel to Italy from June 3rd? 

According to the Italian government’s latest decree, people arriving from the following countries will not need to self-quarantine:

  • Countries that are members of the European Union
  • Schengen Area members Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland
  • The United Kingdom
  • Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City

Visitors and tourists coming from these countries will not need to follow any specific restrictions upon entering the Italian borders. 

Does one need to self-quarantine once back home?

We invite you to check the visitors’ own country’s rules to know more if he or she will be required to self-quarantine once back home. 

What if one recently visited a country that is not listed above?

If the person is coming from one of the approved countries but has visited a country that is not on the list within 14 days of traveling to Italy, he or she will be subject to travel restrictions. 

Can visitors travel to Italy from outside of Europe?

Non-urgent travel from outside Europe is still not permitted: the EU’s external borders will be closed until June 15th at least.

How to travel to Italy safely: rules to follow at this point

Lockdown rules haven’t disappeared altogether, they have been eased to let the economy restart in the safest conditions possible for everyone. 

As a general rule, social distancing and wearing face masks is still necessary for public places. 

Here a list of safety rules everyone will still need to follow when traveling in and to Italy: 

  • Face masks and disposable gloves

It is still mandatory to wear face mask in closed spaces; this is the case for restaurants (except when sitting down), shops or public transport. In few regions, where the cases are still higher than average, you will be required to wear the face masks at all times. Some shops and grocery stores require you to wear disposable gloves as well. 

  • Social distancing measures

Social distancing measures are still in place and must be followed in your own vehicle too: in case you are traveling with other people outside your family, everyone should wear masks and observe the one-meter distance rule. 

  • One-meter distance rule

A minimum distance of one meter is required at all times when out of the house – two meters while doing sport. Whenever this is not possible –  such as in shops, grocery stores, and public transport – wearing masks is mandatory.

  • Quarantine

As previously mentioned, visitors and travelers from specific countries will not need to follow quarantine procedures; although it has been understood that some regions such as Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia, might need you to follow specific temporal requirements. 

  • Advance bookings are in place

Museums, galleries, beaches, restaurants, gyms, beauty centers, and attractions will generally require advance booking. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you with this.

  • Temperature checks

If your temperature is 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher you will be denied to enter public spaces and must self-quarantine at home. In some places such as offices and public buildings, it is compulsory to have your temperature checked as well as in airports, train stations, and whenever using any travel vectors.

  • Gatherings, hugs, and kisses are still forbidden

Large gatherings and meetings are still forbidden as a general rule as well as kisses, hugs, and any action that might put people in direct contact or create crowds. 

Are you planning any travel to Italy soon?

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