/The best self-guided tours in Italy for nature and outdoor adventures lovers

The best self-guided tours in Italy for nature and outdoor adventures lovers

For travelers who are looking to explore Italy’s best natural spots at their own pace, today a self-guided tour is certainly the best option to stay safe: we highly recommend going hiking, biking, or self-driving in Italy while being backed up by a local tour operator.  This is a great way to enjoy your experience in Italy safely and visit the lesser-known destinations while living the best outdoor activities and natural landscapes our country has to offer. 

A self-guided tour in Italy to regain contact with nature – safely

From a bike trip among the Piedmont hills to a hike above the cliffs in Liguria to a gentle walk among the precious forests and countryside of Umbria: Italy has something to offer to every type of traveler.

This is a very special time: your customers have long been forced to stay at home, work from home, without being free to wander and enjoy what the world has to offer. This results easily in losing contact with their own nature as well as the natural surroundings that complete their well being. 

This is why we are crafting special itineraries to help your customers regain contact with nature and with themselves through outdoor and safe travel experiences.  Most importantly, a self-guided tour in Italy will be the best option to feel safe at all times while being supported by local tour operators such as FindYourItaly: during a self-guided tour travelers will be guided to explore Italy’s best and untapped spots while enjoying their experience at their own pace. Whether together with friends or family or by themselves, your customers will love our range of self-guided tours of Italy. 

There are many advantages for travelers that are looking for a safe experience in Italy. 

A self-guided tour in Italy allows travelers to: 

  • Avoid crowded places
  • Have the peace of mind of being assisted at all times by a local tour operator
  • Comply with social distancing measures
  • Be able to visit the most beautiful and hidden Italian gems while not having to trouble about looking for information about local measures 

Biking, Hiking, Driving at your own pace in Italy with a self-guided tour

Deep forests, stunning cliffs, sweet hills await travelers in Italy who are looking for a deeper touch with nature during their stay. Our outdoor activities and travel experiences range all levels of difficulties: from a gentle walk among our most beautiful paths to visit small villages to a biking experience in the plane. If your customers are looking for a bit more adrenaline levels, there are many options to have a look at, such as:

  • Kayaking
  • Trail running
  • Biking experience
  • Hiking or walking

If your customers are looking for a safe travel experience to get back in touch with nature, Italy offers a wide range of activities to pick from.

Self-guided tours in Italy: few ideas by FindYourItaly

We have a full range of Self-Guided Tours in Italy! Here some ideas that your customers will love

  • Bike and Wine in Abruzzo is the perfect tour for those interested in cycling along the beautiful hills of Abruzzo across vineyards, ancient routes, old villages, and cities of arts
  • Langhe Bike, wine and relax is a tour across spectacular vineyards, with ever-changing horizons marked by profiles of towers, castles, small churches, and ancient villages, together with a great gastronomic tradition, which makes these hills a treasure of flavors.

Self-guided tour in Italy: how does it work?

During your self-guided tour of Italy with FindYourItaly, your customers will have everything they need to get the most out of their visit while staying safe and sound at all times. Transports, luggage, detailed maps and itineraries, car, or bike hire: we will be happy to sort this all out for you so your customers will enjoy their visit to Italy to the fullest. 

Make the most of your holiday in Italy without having to plan the route, think about destinations and safety measures: FindYourItaly will assist you and your customers at all times. We are also offering Gift & Voucher Cards to Travel Italy Sustainably. Find more about our self-guided tour options here: feel free to get in touch with us. 

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