/Live. Eat. Drink. Like a true Piemontese

Live. Eat. Drink. Like a true Piemontese

Italy is known for being a country filled will beautiful areas but maybe the northern region of piedmont isn’t the first one most people think of.

We, FindYourItaly, offer this diverse and fully packed 6 day tour wherein customers will experience Piedmont in some of the most authentic and privileged ways. Our product that we offer to you is all about what there is to eat, what there is to drink and what there is to explore in the piedmont region.

You’ll be surprised how much this region has to offer.

What we will drink

When our tourists first land in Italy they will have their chance to walk around the famous city of Turin and experience first hand “La Dolce Vita”.

Here we strongly suggested that throughout the day our travellers try the “Bicerin“drink. This drink, originating from Turin itself, is an hot beverage consisting of espresso coffee, chocolate and cream. This is what our tour-goers need to give them a boost to go and explore the city.

Our clients drinking experiences will include a visit to the town Barolo where they will have a tour of one of the oldest wineries in the area, while doing some wine tasting.

A rather different experience in the region of Langhe, compared to the Barolo wine tasting, is a visit to one of the most modern wine producers in the area followed by some more wine tasting at the Ceretto winery.

What we will eat

However, Piedmont isn’t just about the great drinking experience, there are also some pretty mouth-watering delicacies home to the region.

Throughout this tour our customers will be surrounded by beautiful and traditional food from the piedmont region. You will see certain ingredients in many of the typical dishes such as truffles that are harvested in the region. Also this piedmont region is big for its chocolate and one in particular, Gianduiotto, which is a hazelnut chocolate, is very popular with the locals.

Our customers will be brought to a fine dining gourmet service where there will be able to taste some local specialities served in the elegant way. This dining experience will be held by a family run restaurant where you will see generations of traditional cuisine.

There is also the opportunity to go through a cheese tasting tour in the area of Upper Langa. Here you will discover some of the secrets behind the process of making some local cheese where you will be able to taste them accompanied with some local wines and organic breads.

What we will explore

All this food and drink does have a purpose on this tour, we need our clients well fed so that they have the energy to explore the hidden gems of Piedmont.

When you arrive in Turin there will be plenty of things to see and do in the “City of Four Rivers”. We strongly advised that our clients first go to the Museum of Cinema, which is located in the word famous Mole Antonelliana.

Staying in Turin, our customers will be taken to the world famous Palace of Venaria and its breathtaking gardens. This old royal residence in the centre of Turin is one of the highlights of this product, it was named an Unesco heritage sight in 1997 and had over 1 million visitors in 2016.

We also provide you with entrance and a chance to see one of the highlights of the tour, the WiMu museum. This museum gives their visitors an experience back in history through the traditions of winemaking in a castle with history going back a thousand years.

Throughout the week our customers will also have the chance to go truffle hunting and discover the production and usage of the cheeses and hazelnuts in the region.

What are you waiting for…

We, FindYourItaly, offer you the Gourmet Holiday on Piedmont Hills, encompassing the best aspects of Italian culture, the food, the wine and the history through experiences that are not only authentic but interactive.

Let your client be part of the real piemontese experience

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