New Tour: Italy Summer Lights – from Rome to Venice

Italy is unarguably one of, if not the most, sought after destinations in the world. The only problem is, that for the 50 or so million people that visit the country each year, where do you choose to go?

We at Find Your Italy provide a great solution to this problem faced by millions. The Italy Summer Lights tour. Starting from the historic capital city itself, Rome, up to the culturally rich capital city of Tuscany, Florence, ending only in the scenic capital of Veneto, Venice.

Overall this tour offers great, unique and local experiences to our customers which are hidden away from mass tourism. The Italy Summer Light tour allows our tour members to see these three cities in an authentic way, uncontaminated by tourists.
Experiencing the true Dolce Vita.

What to do?

Give your customers the chance to do activities that bring them back hundreds and thousands of years in Italy’s history. From preparing for battle like a gladiator with an exclusive trip underneath the colosseum to feeling privileged by taking a ride on 1 of the 4 last remaining traditional wooden boats in Florence.

What to taste?

No time in Italy is really fulfilled without tasting the best food and drink the country has to offer. The tour provides access to traditional, high quality and artisanal wine producers, that only the most luckiest get to experience. However, the tour gives our travellers to chance to sit and relax while having aperitivos in three different cities like millions of normal Italians do everyday.

What to feel?

Accompanied by expert tour guides throughout the tour our special tour members will feel like authentic Italians knowing the history, culture, tradition of so many things that make Italy the world famous country it is.

 The Italy Summer Light tour doesn’t just let tourists understand Italians, but become Italians.

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