/5 Tips to avoid classic tourist traps when organizing Food & Wine tours in Italy

5 Tips to avoid classic tourist traps when organizing Food & Wine tours in Italy

Everyone knows that Italy is a culinary paradise, which is precisely why there are so many food and wine tours in Italy.

From thin-crust oven-baked pizzas and an amazing variety of pastas to Parmesan cheese, olive oils, seafood and risotto, Italian food is considered to be among the healthiest in the world. Paired with local wines like Montepulciano or Chianti, dining in Italy is absolutely glorious, an essential experience during any trip to Italy.

Therefore, it’s not exactly surprising that there are hundreds of different food and wine tours in Italy to choose. Of course, not all of those are of the same quality.

Sometimes, these tours can be downright disappointing. Other times, they’re phenomenal, unforgettable and even life-changing. In order to help you identify the latter, we’ve listed five important tips below.

5 Tips to avoid classic tourist traps when organizing food and wine tours in Italy

1. Look For Small Group or Private Tours

Some organized food and wine tours in Italy might not be ideal for a variety of reasons. Many of them lack authenticity, heart and soul, offered by companies with the sole purpose of making money. This type of tours is often set in stone, with a pre-created itinerary and structure. Often, they also take in as many people as possible to maximize the profits. Food and wine tours in Italy of 20 to 40 people are not uncommon.

This, of course, is not beneficial for each participant’s experience. They’ll be little more than an individual in a herd of tourists. There’s no personalization, very few one-on-one interactions and certainly no freedom. So, look for those small group tours for a much better and more memorable experience. Private tours are even better!

2. Opt for Flexible, Customizable Tours

Expanding on the above, you should also try to find customizable tours. The smaller the group size, the easier it will be to accommodate everyone’s desires and needs. Flexibility is the key to successful food and wine tours in Italy.

No matter where the tours take place, whether it’s Sicily, Rome or Piedmont, they’re all improved by allowing visitors to adapt the itinerary, pick and choose activities, and give them the freedom to explore and relax.

3. Rely on Professionals

One of the most essential aspects of organizing the best food and wine tours in Italy is relying on professionals. Work with people who have extensive experience in creating popular and well-rated tours, who have dealt with unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, and who have a track record.

By doing this, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and situations, which tremendously increases your tour’s chances of being liked and enjoyed.

4. Use a Local and Authentic Provider

The best possible travel professionals you can work with are locals, people who know the country, its regions, customs, food scene and, most importantly, other industry professionals.

Rather than working with large international corporations that have no affiliation with the local culture, as a tour operator, you’d be smart to opt for local connections instead. An authentic provider is always the best way to go, simply because they’ll be able to provide the most authentic Italian experience, which is something many travelers are looking for these days.

5. Book with FindYourItaly!

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