/Incentive Travel in Italy: What Should Never Be Missing in a Personalized Tour Plan

Incentive Travel in Italy: What Should Never Be Missing in a Personalized Tour Plan

Incentive travel in Italy is a great way for companies to reward their best-performing employees and managers. This type of rewards program has several different benefits, from increasing productivity on the workfloor to improving team spirit, which is why so many companies participate in it. It’s also a great travel niche to focus on for tour operators and travel agents.

If you’re organizing an incentive tour and incentive travel in Italy for companies and corporations, that doesn’t mean it can’t be sustainable. In fact, in this day and age, more and more businesses realize the importance of being or at least becoming more eco-friendly. A “green” company image is excellent for marketing purposes these days, while it’s also a crystal-clear advantage for the local environment and our planet as a whole.

4 Key Elements of the Best Tour and Incentive Travel in Italy

So, when putting together the best incentive tour and incentive travel in Italy, there are four main elements you should keep in mind. They’re the cornerstones of every successful sustainable incentive trip.

1. Food and Wine

Since you’re in Italy, arguably the world capital of food, it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Include cuisine in your itinerary. Few activities are more appreciated than a sensational home-cooked Italian meal prepared by a local chef and paired with world-class local wines.

At Find Your Italy, we offer a number of sustainable incentive packages in Italy that focus (partially) on food. Mention-worthy examples are our Yoga & Cooking in Sicily Package, Gastronomic Route Between Marche & Abruzzo, and our Bologna Gastronomic & Ferrari Experience, which is a super-popular incentive tour in Italy. Note that all our tour packages are entirely customizable to fit your specific needs.

2. Different Team Building Activity Options

By rewarding employees with incentive travel in Italy, companies can hit two birds with one stone. First of all, a well-put-together incentive tour in Italy should really increase productivity and revenue for the company itself because everyone will want to go. Second, it’s also a phenomenal opportunity to tighten relationships within teams and between colleagues.

Therefore, we recommend including one or more team building activities in your itinerary. These can include everything from canyoning at Lake Como to kayaking excursions in the Ligurian Riviera. Other fun options are cooking classes and bicycle tours.

3. Plenty of Time

As with any trip or holiday, it’s important not to rush things. The same is true for incentive travel in Italy. Don’t rush things, try to pack as much in your itinerary as you can. This will only cause stress and sets you up for failure when something unexpected happens.

It’s okay to slow down. Incentive travel in Italy is supposed to be a reward, after all, and not a business trip. So, allow plenty of buffer time in between activities to always stay ahead of or on schedule. This will make everyone’s experience significantly better.

4. A Sustainable Touch

As mentioned in the introduction, making your incentive tour and incentive travel in Italy sustainable will distinguish you from many of your competitors. Sustainability and eco-friendliness are increasingly popular demands by the general traveling public. It’s a unique opportunity to expand your business and widen your range of clientele.

Some sustainability best practices include staying at eco-friendly accommodation, visiting off-the-beaten-path regions and cities, and doing human-powered activities.

At Find Your Italy, we have a wide range of incentive travel packages in various regions in Italy. You can find an overview here. Additionally, these packages are only a selection of all the personalized tours Find your Italy can offer.

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