/Should you organize an incentive travel program in Italy? Here are some pros and cons

Should you organize an incentive travel program in Italy? Here are some pros and cons

The benefits of incentive travel are well-documented. From increasing loyalty among employees to a noticeable spike in productivity and excellent team building opportunities, there are many reasons why you should offer or organize incentive travel programs. This applies to both company managers and tour operators.

Moreover, if you’re a travel professional who’s organizing incentive travel programs in Italy for companies and corporations, it’s a good idea to focus on sustainability, too.

In fact, in this day and age, more and more businesses realize the importance of being or at least becoming more eco-friendly. A “green” company image is excellent for marketing purposes these days, while it’s also a crystal-clear advantage for the local environment and our planet as a whole.

Plus, the employees who will actually take part in these programs are sure to appreciate all that time spent outdoors and in nature, in a way that respects the local environment and local community.

Below, we talk about incentive travel in Italy, specifically, and discuss the pros and cons of organizing incentive travel programs in Italy.

Pros and Cons of Organizing Incentive Travel Programs in Italy

PRO: Italy’s Regional Cuisine; Definitely Worth Exploring

No matter what kind of company it is, whether it’s tech, manufacturing, a service or a store, all the people who work there like eating good food. Who doesn’t, right? And as it happens, Italy is one of the world’s culinary capitals, a destination that simply overflows with delicious ingredients, traditional recipes and mouth-watering dishes.

Therefore, cuisine-focused incentive travel programs in Italy are always popular, a recipe for success, so to speak. Cooking classes, visits to agriturismos and sharing an amazing home-cooked meal are excellent team-building activities.

PRO: Spectacular Landscapes Allow for Various Fun Activities

In addition to sensational food, Italy also boasts some spectacular natural scenery. From the towering Dolomites Mountains to the Cinque Terre and Amalf coasts, the rocky hills of Sicily and the vineyards of the Piedmont Region, there’s incredible variety in Italy’s landscapes.

Naturally, all these landscapes offer great opportunities for outdoor fun. Visitors can, for example, go kayaking in the gorgeous Ligurian Riviera or canyoning at Lake Como or even hiking on the Etna Volcano. These are all amazing group activities that will certainly strengthen the bonds between individual participants, resulting in an improved team spirit.

CON: There’s a Lack of Hospitality in Italy

No, there isn’t! Italians are exceptionally community-focused and family-centric people, which rubs off on their hospitality toward visitors. After all, this is a country that has attracted travelers for many centuries.

Especially the smaller towns and less-visited communities are extremely open and welcoming to visitors. That local warmth and general friendliness is why we, at FindYourItaly, tend to focus on sustainable travel in (relatively) off-the-beaten-track destinations.

CON: You Can’t Find Any Incentive Travel Packages


Thanks to companies like FindYourItaly, incentive travel in Italy has experienced a new boost in recent years. This is, after all, a country with tremendous tourism potential and its variety, from cuisine to outdoor activities and historic sites, makes it the perfect destination for incentive programs.

You can find all over 100% customizable incentive travel programs in Italy on this handy overview page.

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