/5 Mistakes you are making while organizing 2020 incentive travel programs in Italy

5 Mistakes you are making while organizing 2020 incentive travel programs in Italy

Incentive travel programs in Italy are exceptionally popular among managers, team leaders and business owners as a way to reward their best employees. Anyone who wants to increase productivity and motivation among their employees should offer an incentive travel trips to a beautiful destination. Italy, for example, is ideal for this sort of travel (as well as all other types of travel, of course!).

As a travel agent or tour operator, you should really consider organizing incentive travel programs in Italy, if you’re not already. While planning and putting together your programs, there are certain things you should and should not do. We’ve already talked about the incentive travel in Italy essentials and the biggest incentive travel trends to watch for.

So, now we’ll discuss the 5 biggest mistakes you can make while organizing incentive travel programs in 2020. Please take care to avoid them, as they might result in ruined travel plans, stressed-out customers and, ultimately, bad reviews.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing 2020 Incentive Travel Programs in Italy

1. Not Thinking About Visa Applications

This only applies to visitors from those countries that require a visa when visiting Italy. Citizens of many countries, including the entire E.U., Switzerland, the U.K., Norway, Canada, the USA and Australia, won’t have to worry about paperwork before arrival in Italy. They can usually stay for up to 3 months.

However, if your clients happen to be from a country that has no travel arrangements with Italy (part of the Schengen Zone), you should inform them about possible visa applications. At the very minimum, you should encourage them to rely on professionals to handle the whole visa process.

2. Forgetting to Include Team-Building Activities

Incentive travel programs may be mostly about rewarding the best-performing employees, but there’s also another massive opportunity for business owners. Since these programs involve colleagues going on a trip together, there’s the unique chance to improve their team spirit.

If you include one or more team-building activities in your program, business owners will be much more likely to choose your company over someone else’s. After all, you will potentially help them increase their sales and overall performance even after the incentive trip to Italy.

3. Avoiding Relying on Experienced Partners

Thinking that you can do everything on your own is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The best-rated incentive travel programs in Italy are the result of a partnership between travel agents and local providers, such as FindYourItaly.

Incentive travel is one of our specializations and we’re able to assist you with everything from logistics and services to itineraries and activities.

4. Not Checking Reviews

The fourth mistake you can make while organizing incentive travel programs in Italy is not checking reviews from previous customers. When working with other partners and travel providers like FindYourItaly, you can find some really good feedback on platforms like TripAdvisor. It’s the best feedback there is to determine whether or not you should start a working relationship.

5. Packing Too Much in Too Little Time

It’s tempting to offer visit to all of Italy’s greatest attractions and activities in its most beautiful regions. However, you must realize that, in modern-day travel, less is more. Don’t jampack every single day with a dozen highlights and five “must-do” activities.

Rather, allow for some spontaneity and freedom, offering visitors the chance to actually relax and take in their surroundings.

Additionally, a strict itinerary is also a recipe for disaster whenever something unexpected occurs. It’s much better to be flexible.

All our incentive travel programs in Italy are set up just for that. They include fun, varied and slow-paced itineraries that allow travelers to truly enjoy everything they do. Moreover, our programs are also 100% customizable! You can check them out here.

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