/A Tour & Incentive travel proposal example in Italy with FindYourItaly

A Tour & Incentive travel proposal example in Italy with FindYourItaly

While leisure travel is the most popular style of traveling, let’s not forget about business travel. Whether it’s to attend business meetings, go to conferences or incentive travel in Italy, the business travel niche is rather large and definitely varied. It is incentive travel that’s most interesting to travel agents, though, because it offers amazing opportunities. If you’re looking for an incentive travel proposal example to see what incentive travel in Italy could be like, we’ve got it for you.

A Top-Notch Incentive Travel Proposal Example

We have several tour and incentive travel options in Italy, but this is one that is especially well suited to medium to large groups of colleagues. Companies looking to reward their best performing employees, teams, branches or even departments (depending on how large a company it is) might be interested in sending them on the following trip.

After all, few things are better to motivate someone than sending them on a free vacation, which is essentially what incentive travel is. Additionally, when co-workers go on a trip and participate in activities together, that’s also a successful team building recipe. As such, companies small and large can reap the benefits from incentive travel in two ways: better performance on the workfloor before and an improved team spirit after the incentive trip.

So, all travel agents and tour operators should consider including one or more incentive travel packages in their listings. Check out this incentive travel proposal example from FindYourItaly.

Ligurian Riviera Trek & Kayak

If it’s the additional benefit of team building that a company is after, we recommend our Ligurian Riviera Trek & Kayak tour. This four-day-long active trip takes participants on a journey along the gorgeous coast of the Ligurian Riviera. On the way, they’ll hike and kayak their way past beautiful views, the crystal-clear waters of San Fruttuoso Bay and the stunning landscapes of the Portofino Gulf.

All this is combined with a fantastic gastronomic experience. This is Italy and cuisine plays an important role in the daily lives of locals and visitors alike. Our tour includes tasting locals wines and other products in a traditional Osteria, as well as a guided exploration of the historic Genoa city center with its cozy squares and countless excellent food shops.

The itinerary looks something like this, but remember that it’s entirely possible to customize it, too.

  1. Genoa walking tour and a welcome aperitif in the Old Harbor, followed by a delicious dinner.
  2. Hiking in Portofino Natural Park, samping of real focaccia and a glass of wine, walking along and exploration of San Fruttuoso Bay.
  3. Eco-kayak tour in Portofino Bay and a hike to the Old Portofino Lighthouse where a scenic snack awaits.
  4. Breakfast and transfer to Genoa airport.

Custom Tour and Incentive Travel at Your Disposal

Note that this is just an incentive travel proposal example. Everything can be customized to meet the needs of your customers. From activities to food to destinations, we cater to all your clients’ desires. Moreover, at the core of all our packages is sustainability. We focus greatly on eco-friendliness, offering fun activities and experiences while keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible.

To see what previous clients have to say about our tours, please check our TripAdvisor reviews.

This is just one incentive travel proposal example. You can find several more of our listings related to incentive travel in Italy on our group tour page.

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