/5 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Family Tours in Italy

5 Mistakes to Avoid for Your Next Family Tours in Italy

When you’re first starting off with organizing family-friendly tours of Italy, you’re bound to make some mistakes. That shouldn’t be a problem, though, since mistakes are the only way to really learn. However, there are a few main things that you should keep in mind when creating family tours in Italy. These are the five biggest mistakes to avoid. Be aware of them when putting together your itineraries and packages.

5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Family Friendly Tours of Italy

No Personalization

The key to all family-friendly tours that get excellent ratings on places like TripAdvisor is personalization. This could mean two things.

One, you can make your itineraries customizable to your customers. Let them pick and choose between activities, destinations and the like. Remember to keep some cornerstones in place, though. You’re the expert after all, and you will have local knowledge that your customers do not. This combination ensures the perfect experience for your customers.

Two, you or your guide should be personable toward all customers. Friendliness is the most direct way to offer the best possible service and allow travelers to enjoy their trip even more. Be willing to answer any question, smile, be open and encourage.

Not Including Food Selection

The second big mistake to avoid when organizing family-friend tours in Italy is not including food in your package or program. Food is an essential part of life, whether people are at home or traveling. It’s a huge aspect of any culture and including it ensures that your customers can literally taste Italy.

Italy is one of the world’s best culinary destinations, so leaving out food is a huge mistake. Additionally, not including food also leaves money on the table for tour operators. People visiting Italy will always want to taste some of the country’s delicious food.

You can include food in many different ways. Fun examples include visits to olive oil farms, tours of cheese factories, wine tastings and Italian cooking classes. Some of our popular Italy family tours that focus on food are our Gastronomic Route between Marche & Abruzzo and our Gourmet Holiday in the Piedmont Hills.

No Sustainability

Not only is it ethically and morally good to ensure the longevity of your tours and your destinations, it’s also something that simply makes sense financially. Italy family tours continue to increase in popularity and this expanding market presents enormous opportunities for tour operators and travel agents like you.

Therefore, consider these best sustainability practices when creating sustainable family-friendly tours of Italy. By doing this, you will set yourself up for success in the future, all while helping to protect local communities, nature and the environment.

Only Famous & Popular Destinations

This is pretty much in line with the mistake above. If you only take visitors to the iconic destinations in Italy, such as Venice, Rome and Cinque Terre, they’ll only get to experience the touristy side of the country. If you really want to offer the very best family-friendly tours of Italy, you have to take your customers to “undiscovered” destinations. This results in a much more authentic experience, better memories and a deeper understanding of Italy in general.

Great examples of those are our Bike and Wine Tours in Abruzzo and Ligurian Riviera Trek & Kayak Tour.

No Collaboration With Local Suppliers

Last but definitely not least, it’s so important to rely on local suppliers when organizing family-friendly tours in Italy. Locals, such as Find Your Italy, have in-depth knowledge of Italy and all its aspects, and a wealth of expertise to offer. Working with local suppliers will ensure a smooth and seamless experience for both you and your highly valued customers.

If you’re interested in organizing Italy family tours, we encourage you to take a look at our family tours page to see what we can offer you.

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