/Outdoor travel 5 Billion market share is predicted to raise

Outdoor travel 5 Billion market share is predicted to raise

Here at FindYourItaly it has been a very busy week. We’ve just attended the TTG Travel Experience trade fair in Rimini – the most important appointment in Italy for the tourism sector. As usual we came back with a lots of interesting news about latest trends and future evolution of the travel industry.
With pleasure recent reports confirmed that outdoor experience tourism, one of the main focus of our business, is doing pretty well in Italy and is expecting to grow next year.

As you probably know, outdoor experience tourism is not only about doing an active holiday but also about seeing Italy from a different perspective. What could be better than seeing and experiencing more of Tuscany, Florence, Siena, while enjoying a nice bike ride?! But outdoor experience tourism is also about Trail Running in Florence, Kayaking in the Ligurian Riviera or canyoning on Como Lake.

The report showed that the outdoor experience tourism sector looks like it is in good shape, and will grow next year. According to the report, carried out by Human Company in collaboration with Travel Appeal, the outdoor experience tourism sector was worth 4.9 billion euro in 2018, and it is predicted to increase by 1.3 percent next year. This makes having a share in the outdoor tourism sector an attractive proposition.

Approximately 2,500 Italian accommodations were analysed to investigate the outdoor tourism’s market progress. To carry out this analysis, over 130,000 comments were gathered on various social media platforms between the 15 May and the 15 September, 2018. According to the report 77% of Italian accommodation had an online presence, and as the huge amount of online interest shows, social media and a strong online presence were crucial in collecting outdoor tourists’ opinions and comments.

The research describes who the Italian and International tourists are, their favourite destinations in Italy, and shows where they choose to spend their holidays in Italy. The report also discusses customer satisfaction via online feedback, and future outdoor tourism trends. There was an increase of 5.5% in feedback left by outdoor tourists in 2018 compared to 2017, and the level of satisfaction has increased. So, outdoor experience tourism is becoming more popular, generating more customer feedback, and it seems that it is becoming better at catering to outdoor tourists’ needs, providing them with an outdoor experience that they are thoroughly satisfied with.

The high season for outdoor experience tourism seems to be summer, with 43.5 % of active holiday makers enjoying the Italian coast, but many also visit cities and towns like Florence and Sienna. The report showed that Florence, which is an up and coming Trail running city, was among the top three Italian cities for outdoor tourism, along with Rome and Venice. Biking around Tuscany or Abruzzo is also popular, with Abruzzo showing up in the report as a favourite for outdoor tourists.

Families represented 66% of outdoor tourists in 2018, followed by couples who made up 23% of outdoor tourism sector, with groups of friends making up 8%. Families were particularly satisfied with their outdoor travel experience.

And while Italian tourists are always becoming more and more satisfied with the quality of outdoor experience tourism and accommodation, there are many international outdoor travellers too. Visitors from Germany are particularly fond of active, outdoor tourist activities, as are visitors from the Netherlands and France. The French, who seem to really love Tuscany, are the most satisfied international outdoor tourists, which can only mean they greatly appreciate Tuscan food.

Outdoor experience tourism is a relatively new market in Italy which is already fairly robust, but also has a lot of potential for development. We believe outdoor experience tourism reflects a trend in society at large. People want to enjoy active holidays, while respecting nature. Outdoor experience tourism offers people this opportunity. It allows people to enjoy great biking, trail running, kayaking holidays, experiencing the lakes of Abruzzo, Liguria, Lake Como knowing that they are doing it in an ecofriendly, sustainable way.

We were very pleased with this report as it shows our business model is not only successful, but will continue to be successful next year, and very likely, over the coming years. Outdoor travel experience tourism is a market sector Find Your Italy focuses on, and we hope that it will develop significantly over the coming years.

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