/Ecotrail Florence: your next trail running experience in Italy?

Ecotrail Florence: your next trail running experience in Italy?

We, at Find Your Italy are very proud to announce our partnership with Ecotrail network!
Ecotrail and Find Your Italy have teamed up to provide a fresh new eco-friendly, sporty travel experience, to help your customer get ready for an endurance run, and have a great experience in the magnificent city of Florence, where they will be able to take part in the Ecotrail Florence.

The Ecotrail experience and network

Ecotrail is a great trail running experience which takes place in several cities around Europe, in cities like Brussels, Madrid, Paris and Florence. The Ecotrail holds eco friendly trail running, outdoor races which are open to everyone who’s passionate about running while being in touch with nature. We, at Find Your Italy are very excited about this new partnership as we share with Ecotrail team a deep passion about eco responsibility, enjoying nature in a responsible, sustainable way. Infact, eco responsibility is a core principle for Ecotrail, which means allowing people to practice their sport in nature sustainably, a key factor that leads a wide range of activities that are build on solidarity, accessibility, and conviviality as well. Therefore, a community spirit permeates everything they do, both in terms of the participants in the races, and in connecting with the local communities where the trail running events take place, such as the upcoming Ecotrail which will take place in Florence.

The Florence Ecotrail: a great opportunity to meet locals while enjoying your passion

The Florence Ecotrail race is scheduled to take place 30 March 2019. Potential participants can choose between two trails. One is 43 km, while the other one is 80 km. To get an idea of the beautiful and varied views your customer will be treated to while participating on this race you could check out the official video for the Florence Ecotrail race from 2018 on YouTube. There is the city, the forest around the valley, and the great community spirit among all the runners is particularly clear to see that your customers will certainly love.

Find Your Italy and the Ecotrail: sharing values on eco sustainable tourism, and community

Find Your Italy and the Ecotrail are well matched as we share the same values. We have always promoted eco friendly sustainable tourism, a key feature of the Ecotrail concept. And like them, we are interested in offering travelers a way to experience nature, but also holidays where tourists can experience Italy from a novel perspective. Many of our offers are in little corners of Italy, off the beaten track, and this mirrors how trail runners experience the different cities the Ecotrail holds races in. Running through a city, down its little streets, provides travelers with views of the city they never would have otherwise experienced, and offering new, exciting experiences to visitors is what we are all about.

Find Your Italy is ready to help your customers reach their trail running goals

We at Find Your Italy work closely with Davide Grazielli on our trail running project. Davide has a long, successful running career behind him, and has the distinction of being the first Italian to earn the “Silver Buckle” on the Western States oldest 100 miles run. He closed the race in 19 hours and 53 minutes! He also run 100 miles in the Pyrenees, and in California. Now he works with us on our trail running trips as an endurance and ultra marathon coach. In 2017, he opened Destination Unknown which is a project to train endurance and trail runners of all levels. His approach puts the athlete at the centre and involves physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and he helps runners build the correct mentality. So, if your customers are looking for some professional training before they attempt the Ecotrail, Find your Italy, along with Destination Unknown, is the place to go.

Book Ecotrail Florence with Find Your Italy

As already mentioned, the next Florence Ecotrail run is next March, and we have a great offer for you as a travel agent. Our package is for 4 days and 3 nights, and includes training sessions with our endurance coach Davide. He will help prepare your customers for the race, and give them and your team a briefing on what to expect. The tour begins on the 28 March, and we will stroll around Florence taking in the sites, including the most well-known, but also hidden gems only our local English speaking guides know about. There are booking options for runners, but also non-runners. So when your group books this tour, you know that not everyone has to be prepared to run the Ecotrail Florence, and they will still have a great travel experience.

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