/The “Classic with a difference” experience

The “Classic with a difference” experience

Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfitan Coast, Cinque Terre…for those travellers who come for the first time in Italy these are “must see”, but as we know these are also the most touristic destinations in Italy.

Sometimes it’s hard for travel agents to address customers to other beautiful but less known regions but at the same time we do not want our customers to fall into tourist traps or be packed like sardines in overcrowded sites.

Everybody is looking for genuine and local experiences, even in most iconic destinations.

Here comes our concept of “Classic with a difference”.

Together with our travel experts and local buddies, we designed itineraries that combines the discovery of the most beautiful Italian cities through local and original experiences on private basis or in small group of 16 people maximum.

Get a taste of genuine Italian flavours and local habits while enjoying a street food tour in Trastevere, enjoy a social dinner in a private villa in Chianti, visit the Fish market in Venice ending with a real “bacari” tour in the Jewish Ghetto!

Travel with typical means of transport with our Ape Calessino tour in Rome and the Gondola ride along small and secret canals of Venice. Sip a glass of white wine produced in the Venetian lagoon after a walk in the vineyard.

Enjoy a private tour of the archeological parks with an expert archaeologist in Naples, or talk with locals about the traditions and superstitions of Neapolitan people. Discover ancient laboratories and works of art with our buddy tour in Florence and learn everything about the Tuscan food habits!

You will find these and more experiences in our tours:

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