/The Insider’s Guide to Organize Family Tours in Italy

The Insider’s Guide to Organize Family Tours in Italy

As one of the most visited countries in the world, family tours in Italy are more popular than ever. You may have gotten inquiries from people looking for well-organized group tours in Italy before. If that’s the case, you might also know that different people tend to want different things.

Whether they’re after an adventure-filled trip in the mountains or lakes, or maybe a culinary journey in Italy’s greatest cities, we at Find Your Italy can help you create the perfect Italy family tours for your clients. In this post, we’ll discuss the process of creating custom family tours in Italy.

Things to Know Before Organizing Family Tours in Italy

We offer a wide variety of Italy family tours, including a top-notch personalized service and custom itineraries. These tours are typically a combination of off-the-beaten-track destinations and world-famous places, resulting in an all-round Italy experience. We also work with locals as much as possible, ranging from tour guides to accommodation.

There are few things you may want to know before you start organizing Italy family tours, though, important information that will help you create the perfect offering.

Best Time of Year to Organize a Family Tour in Italy

You can organize Italy family tours all-year round, but generally speaking, the main period is from about April to November. Especially if your clients want to do some outdoorsy activities, this should give you the best chance of good weather.

Duration of Family Tours in Italy

This depends greatly on the type of tour or experience you’re going to offer. For example, an in-depth visit to cities like Venice or Rome can be done in 3 or 4 days. Exploring entire regions, on the other hand, takes much longer, from 8 to 16 days.

We recommend, however, that you tell your clients to focus on one specific geographic area in Italy to get the most out of their tour. Traveling across the country on a regular basis is extremely time-consuming. That time is better spent getting to know one particularly area in more detail.

Destination Italy: Family Tour Prices

Prices vary according to the length of the tour and the type of activities included. Currently, the cheapest family tour we have on offer starts from € 395 Ligurian Riviera Trek & Kayak Tour, which lasts 4 days.

A much longer family tour in Italy starts from€ 2,750 and it’s the Gastronomic Route Between Marche & Abruzzo Tour. This 8-day tour takes place in the middle of Italy and focuses on Italy’s delicious cuisine and history.

There are also some options in between, so we suggest you check out our group tours page for more ideas and information.

Tips While Organizing a Family Tour in Italy

Knowing the basics of organizing Italy family tours, you can know start by putting together the tours. Here are a few things to keep in mind while doing that.

Think About Your Clients First

Remember that it’s always about the client first. They’re the reason you’re doing this in the first place, they trust you with their money to create a superb offer. So, it’s very important to have detailed chats with them to find out exactly what they want out of their trip.

Figure out whether they want to go hiking or kayaking, or indulging in local food, or visiting famous historic sites,… It’s vital to understand your clients’ needs and desires. And communication is the key to that. Be reachable and communicative, provide a phone number as well as an email address.

Play It Safe and Rely on a Local Supplier

Once you’ve pinpointed precisely what your clients want, you’ll have to work with other people to create an itinerary. Whether it’s local tour guides, cooks offering culinary workshops, museum tours or places to stay, it’s a good bet to work with local suppliers.

At Find Your Italy, we already have created detailed tour packages in collaboration with local travel providers. So, we highly recommend taking a look at some of our family tour packages.

You can, of course, go way beyond that and offer additional services, trips, activities and so on. Our packages are simply a great place to start, perfectly assembled to be the core of your own Italy family tours.

Include Insurance

Make sure to get insurance for both yourself and your clients. Particularly if you’ll be doing more adventurous types of activities, it’s critical that every participant is properly insured. Other types of insurance you might want to consider getting are cancellation insurance and liability insurance.

Tips For After the Italy Family Tour

It’s good business practice to analyze your work and results afterward, so we recommend that you give your clients the chance to offer feedback. The only way toward improvement is making and learning from mistakes, after all. So, if your clients have comments, concerns, advice or anything else, it’s a good idea to listen to that.

Think about what could have gone better, but also about what went just right. Look at your organized your in its entirety, keep the good parts and work on the less successful aspects. It’ll improve the quality and overall experience of your next tour.

Similarly, if you’ve worked with suppliers like Find Your Italy or other local companies and people, it’s helpful to evaluate those partnerships as well. Ask for feedback and offer feedback yourself, too.


As you can see, there are many things to think about when organizing family tours in Italy. From proper communication with (potential) clients to using experienced suppliers like Find Your Italy and getting and giving feedback, creating perfect family tours is an elaborate process. Now, you’ll know a bit more how to go about!

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