/Get the most out of a family tour in Italy: here are 5 tips and tricks for you

Get the most out of a family tour in Italy: here are 5 tips and tricks for you

Family-friendly tours of Italy grow more and more popular and, as a travel agent or tour operator, it’s important for your business to take advantage of that trend.

In order to get the most out of family-friendly tours of Italy, we give a handful of tips and tricks below. This advice is split up according to the age of the youngest family member(s), from babies and toddlers to teenagers and adults.

5 Tips and Tricks to Create the Best Family-Friendly Tours in Italy

1. Italy Family Tours with Babies: Accommodation

Young families traveling with babies will have certain specific requirements when booking Italy family tours. They’ll also bring a whole range of baby-related things with them, from strollers to diaper bags and extra baby clothes.

As such, it’s a good idea to not have them change accommodations a lot.

2. Italy Family Tours with Toddlers: Food

Toddlers are at the fun age of exploration. They’ll want to investigate everything, run around piazzas and eat all of Italy’s amazing food. Therefore, the best Italy family tours will allow plenty of time to wander around on pedestrian streets and squares, while also including lots of food. From creamy gelato to delicious pizza, toddlers will absolutely love all that food!

3. Italy Family Tours with School-Age Kids: Kid-Friendly Activities

Children aged 5 to 12 will be interested in some more in-depth family-friendly tours, but only if there are some fun things to do along the way, too. You could include some historic sites and heritage, as well as some facts and information, but make sure that the guide is great with young kids.

They’ll be fascinated by Ancient Rome and have a blast visiting the Colosseum, for example. Italy family tours for school-age kids should focus on experiences, rather than information-packed lectures. Let them see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Additionally, they’re still kids, of course, and won’t refuse a few scoops of gelato, a tasty pasta dish or a fresh slice of pizza.

4. Italy Family Tours with Teenagers: Cool Adventures

Traveling with a teenager is not always the easiest things to do. They might be too young to stay at home alone, but old enough to not really want to go on vacations with their parents anymore. That’s why our family-friendly tours of Italy include some really amazing activities, such as kayaking excursions, test driving Ferraris and Vespa rides in the Tuscan countryside.

5. Italy Family Tours with Adult Children: Relaxation

Once the children have moved out and start living their own lives, it may be a challenge to arrange a family vacation to Italy. Finding gaps in everyone’s schedules to accommodate a holiday is not easy. Therefore, you should offer them as much convenience and comfort as possible when they actually do book Italy family tours.

A luxurious stay at an agriturismo, cooking classes, cultural explorations and culinary adventures are all great examples of slow-paced and sustainable activities for adults.

By partnering with FindYourItaly, you will be able to offer the best possible Italy family tours. Our packages are entirely customizable so that the whole family will have lots of fun during their vacation. From finding the perfect accommodation to providing great activities, such as pizza-making classes, hiking excursions and organic farm visits, we are here for you.

So, depending on all ages of your group members, there are different things you might want to focus on. From comfy accommodations for babies to cool adventures with teenagers and relaxing stays and activities among adults, we have everything you need for all sorts of families. For a complete overview of our family-friendly tours of Italy, you can check out this page.

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