/Trail Running in Italy: What Tour Operators Should Keep in Mind

Trail Running in Italy: What Tour Operators Should Keep in Mind

With its exceptionally diverse landscapes, from the towering Dolomites to stunning coastlines and the rolling countryside of Tuscany, Italy makes for a wonderful destination for outdoor activities, such as trail running in Italy. Even the ancient cities have plenty of green spaces and scenic streets to stroll around and wander through. Trail running in Italy, too, is becoming more and more popular as people get more active and look to combine exercise with sightseeing during their holidays.

5 Considerations When Organizing Trail Running in Italy

So as a tour operator, you might want to offer your clients the option to fulfill their outdoor activity needs in your packages. Here are a handful of things you should consider when organizing Italy trail running trips.

Realistic Trail Running Goals

Trail running is obviously a very physical activity. Competition and personal improvement is at its core, but it’s also important to remember that it needs to stay fun, too. People might get overly excited once they decide to attend a trail running event in Italy, which could lead to injuries. Then, it’s partially up to you as a tour operator to help them set realistic trail running goals.

Expectation Management

Setting realistic goals for trail running in Italy has strong ties to expectation management. Goals and expectations are often one and the same for many people. The thing is, though, that goals follow expectations. You need to figure out what your clients want out of their trail running experience.

Are they attending because of the competitive aspect? Or because they just want to enjoy a new destination while also being active? Whatever their purpose is, particularly if it’s their first time trail running, you have to give them an honest overview of what it’s actually like. It may rain, they might get injured,…

Sports are often equally challenging mentally as they are physically. Managing one’s expectations and setting reachable goals helps avoid disappointments.

The Right Equipment / Outfit

There are a number of things that can help your clients manage their expectations and achieving their desired goals. Making sure they have the proper equipment is one of them, and a very important one at that.

Now, they don’t need to most expensive stuff on the market, or the absolute newest gear. It’s much more important that their equipment and clothing are comfortable, that they are used to using and wearing it.

When it comes to trail running in Italy, good running shoes are the most essential piece of gear they’ll need. Tell them to buy them well in advance and to train wearing those very shoes. It’s critical that they’re well broken in before the race starts.

Additionally, they might also want to invest in comfortable running short, tights or pants. A breathable rain jacket can come in handy as well.

Asking Help From Professionals

Experienced, professional coaches and trail runners can help both you and your clients to make this the best experience possible. Coaches such as Davide Grazielli, a long-distance runner and EcoTrail Florence coach, have tremendous expertise in terms of mental and physical preparation, nutrition, and so on.

By working with those professional, you’ll greatly increase your participants’ chances of succeeding.

Working With Local Suppliers

Besides professional coaches, it’s also a smart idea to collaborate with local suppliers. Find Your Italy, for example, can be a huge help with logistics, itineraries and accommodation.


So, these are five things you should consider while creating Italy trail running tours and packages. We invite you to take a look at our trail running experience page, where you can find lots of additional information about all things trail running.

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