/The Best Family Tours in Italy? Those with a Sustainable and Responsible focus

The Best Family Tours in Italy? Those with a Sustainable and Responsible focus

There’s always a time in family’s life when you feel the need to reconnect with your family and share some time together: you know traveling is the best way to mix exploration with having a fun family experience at the same time. When booking your next travel with your family, surely you want to look for the best tour options available. If you have Italy in mind as your next destination, don’t look further: here you’ll find the best family tours available with a special focus: sustainability.

Sustainable Family Tours in Italy that both kids & parents will love

Rome & Amalfi Coast Family Group Tour

How could a family decide to tour around Italy and avoid visiting the Amalfi Coast? Sorrento, Capri and all the Amalfi Coast shines of incredible breath-taking spots that every family should visit at least once in a lifetime. From the center of Italy to the south, this incredible family tour will help you and your family get the most of your visit to Italy.

Some highlights include:

  • Learning the history and culture of Rome, the Eternal City with our expert guides
  • Fun family hands-on activities such as cooking
  • Pic-nicking in the magnificent park of Villa Borghese
  • Visiting the incredible UNESCO site of Pompeii
  • Having a family typical lunch in the Volcano’s winery
  • Exploring the beautiful Capri on a private family boat tour
  • Having a sip of the famous Sorrento’s Limoncello while visiting the old shops and city

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Italy With Kids: From Rome to Venice

We have already been talking about this brand new 8-day tour in our latest blog post, where we announced our 6 exciting new tours in Italy. With this tour, families with kids will have the opportunity to explore Italy from Rome to Venice as well as some of the most iconic places: the perfect blend of culture, cuisine, history, and art that both kids and parents will love.

Some highlights include:

  • Active bike family tour in Florence
  • Learning how to make your own yummy gelato or pizza
  • Creating your own Venetian mask
  • Exploring the Imperial Rome and the Colosseum with a specific kids-friendly tour

To find out more about this exciting new family tour in Italy, you can have a look at this page.

Grand tour of Sicily among vineyards

When picking your next family tour, there’s one thing you should know: variety, authenticity, and sustainability should be at the core of every family experience you choose. This is why we crafted our Grand Tour of Sicily, that will let you and your family get in touch with the most unrevealed part of this incredible island. Small fishing villages, wild canyons, local food producers and artisans will be just one of the best parts of this trip. During this family tour, you’ll have te chance to visit and relax in one of the most charming wine resorts. Why charming? Because it’s immersed in the Sicilian nature.

Some of the highlights of this family tour are:

  • Diving into the Sicilian culture
  • Discovering the Temple Valley, the Greek Colony of Ortigia and other Unesco sites with an expert archaeologist
  • Enjoying the silent relaxing atmosphere of Vendicari Natural Reserve
  • Meeting the local producers while tasting the most authentic Sicilian food and wine

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Looking for the best family tours of Italy? We got you covered

FindYourItaly provides custom-created sustainable itineraries with a 100% personalized service: if you and your family are looking for the best kids-friendly tours in Italy, you just need to decide where you’d like to go, what you’d like to see or things you’d like to do and we will craft the best sustainable experience for your family and kids.

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