/3 Incredible Sustainable Destinations for Family Tours in Italy (You Didn’t Think of)

3 Incredible Sustainable Destinations for Family Tours in Italy (You Didn’t Think of)

The global trend toward environment-friendliness and ecological consciousness has put sustainable tourism destinations at the forefront of the tourism industry. While people still very much want to visit iconic cities, it’s the off-the-beaten-path and untouched places that grow in popularity. Several Italy family tours now focus greatly on ethical, sustainable travel, too.

Companies like FindYourItaly have a wealth of packages created specifically for visitors who are both aware of their trip’s impact on the environment and looking for an in-depth Italy experience.

3 Sustainable Tourism Destinations for Family Tours in Italy

An incredibly varied country, Italy offers something for everyone. From mouthwatering food and an endless flow of world-class wine to towering mountains, glorious coasts and millennia-old cities, it truly has it all. Below, we’ve picked three of the best sustainable tourism destinations that are especially well-suited to family tours in Italy.

Venice Lagoon

It’s no secret that Venice gets completely overrun by tourists in summer. Yet, as much strain as that puts on the local community and nature, it’s still possible to visit the Venice region with minimal impact.

There’s much more to this area than the canals and bridges of Venice. Go beyond the city and into the surrounding Venice Lagoon and you’ll find tiny villages, authentic restaurants, and plenty of outdoor fun. It’s a wonderful destination for family friendly tours in Italy. Possible activities include joining Italian cooking classes, bicycle tours outside of busy Venice, and creating your very own Venetian mask.

In particularly noteworthy place in the Venice Lagoon is Pellestrina Island. Here, visitors can go on a family bike tour and indulge in delicious food in a local restaurant. The lagoon fish dishes are phenomenal! On top of that, the island is accessible via ferry from Venice. Anyone looking for a new off-the-beaten-track destination in the Venice Lagoon, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

Dolomites Mountains

Not too far north of Venice, in the northeastern corner of Italy, lie the Dolomites Mountains. This series of jagged mountain peaks is one of the top sustainable tourism destinations in Italy. It’s an absolute paradise for outdoor and nature lovers.

The region is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a breathtaking place of mountains, valleys, and villages. From a sustainable travel point of view, the Dolomites are very well-developed. There are numerous eco-friendly accommodations and farm-to-table restaurants, while renewable energy is used by many of those, too.

Family tours in Italy, in the Dolomites Mountains, are all about enjoying this magnificent scenery. Hiking is without question the most popular thing to do here. Families can even go hiking with alpacas. Additionally, it’s also possible to split up. Elderly or less-fit people can enjoy a beautiful day in the alpine sun, while the more active family members can explore the mountains on a hike.


Few destinations in the country embody Italy as well as Sicily. This gorgeous Mediterranean island offers both cultural and natural experiences. From towns like Palermo and Catania to vineyards and Mount Etna, there are myriad options for family friendly tours of Italy here.

There are activities for the entire family. People with a serious sweet tooth can take a chocolate cooking class, while other foodies might want to visit an olive mill. Wine tasting opportunities are abundant all over the island and there are also several historical sites to discover. Even hikes to Mount Etna, a definite highlight of the tour, are suitable for children.

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