/Active Tourism Trends for 2019: Trail Running and Other Activities

Active Tourism Trends for 2019: Trail Running and Other Activities

Active tourism, such as cycling and trail running in Italy, continues to take up an increasingly large portion of the travel industry. Nowadays, many travelers seek exercise, activities and hands-on experiences on their trips. Luckily, there’s no lack of these things in Italy. From canyoning on Lake Como and kayaking in the Ligurian Riviera to trail running, Italy is swiftly gaining recognition as a fantastic destination for outdoor tourism.

Active Tourism Trends in Italy in 2019

Let’s take a look at the active tourism trends in Italy in 2019. They will clearly show why it’s a smart idea for any travel-related business to focus on active tourism in Italy now and in the future.

Trail Running in Italy and Adventure Travel Are Still on the Rise

Businesses in the adventure travel sphere continue to report growth and a huge reasons for that is the higher number of people looking for more adventure during their trips. Adventure travel is a wide-ranging term, including all kinds of outdoor activities, from hiking, cycling tours and bird watching to whitewater rafting, scuba diving and trail running in Italy with companies like FindYourItaly.

This growth is mainly due to the younger half of travelers, between 25 and 45 years old, who demand unique and authentic experiences.

Off-the-Beaten Track Destinations As a Reaction to Overtourism

Although more tourism brings in more money for destinations, it can also get out of control up to the point that tourists start ruining things. This is known as overtourism, when destinations fill up beyond capacity.

As nature conservation becomes a more and more mainstream topic, due in no small portion to climate change, active travelers get more conscious about how and where they travel to. A lot of people turn to so-called off-the-beaten track destinations.

Slow Travel Grows More Popular

Just like “slow food” gains traction once again among foodies, “slow travel” is a concept that’s making a big comeback as well. A lot of modern-day travel is about experiences and you can only really experience a place if you take the time to do so.

“Travel less, see more” is a popular motto nowadays. Slow travel comes in many shapes and forms, from spending time in one single destination for a week or two to exploring a place powered by one’s own body.

“Being Local”

The desire to feel like a local is in line with the active tourism trends mentioned above, especially with slow travel. There’s a large number of travelers who want to really experience what it’s like to live somewhere else for a while. That doesn’t need to be for months on end, though. Sometimes, two weeks is enough.

This is also why services like Airbnb have gotten so incredibly popular. They offer people the opportunity to stay in an actual house or apartment, literally someone else’s home. You can’t get much closer to “being local” on your travels than that. Additionally, providers like FindYourItaly can also offer an authentic experience by working closely with local industry professionals, such as local tour guides, stays at locally owned guesthouses, and so on.

Wellness and Health in Modern-Day Tourism

One of the latest tourism trends is the yearning for experiences that allow travelers to find inner peace, unplug and explore themselves physically and mentally. There’s been a huge increase in trips that focus on things like mental recovery, digital detoxes, mindfulness and spiritual wellbeing that lay against the active tourism trend.

In Italy, too, this trend is getting more and more visible, and you’ll find a variety of meditation retreats in Italy nowadays.

If you’re interested in learning how FindYourItaly can help you focus on these active tourism trends with your business, check out our trail running page.

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