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Slow Walking Tour Italy

For centuries people have travelled by foot whether it was for a pilgrimage, to visit friends or family on the other side of a mountain, or simply to be at one with nature. Walking holidays have had a revival over the last decade and it’s this combination of expertise and excitement about walking as a form of relaxation that has opened a whole new walking world for the 21st century, and yet one that will almost always take you right back in time.

The world may be changing, but its walking trails have been here for centuries, and a desire to walk them never changes. From the Alps to the Dolomites, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast and Tuscany…for sure these routes offer some of the most breathtaking views and stunning landscapes. But think outside the box too…. Basilicata, Abruzzo, Marche , Como and Maggiore Lakes offer unrevealed beauties and paths far from the most touristic itineraries.

A walking holiday is always an unforgettable experience from which you’ll make lasting memories.

Our tailor-made itineraries explore hidden, off-the-tourist-trail gems, so you are guaranteed to experience special moments – those times when you feel invigorated, refreshed and immersed in the culture of the region you’re visiting.

There’s no better way of getting into the fabric of a wonderful part of the world than by feeling its earth under your feet, its slopes in your legs, its sun on your skin and the prospect of its gastronomy at the end of your day. 

There’s a sense of achievement, and of daily adventure, even if it is just an encounter with an olive picker or a refreshing dip at a natural thermal pool at the end of a long, spectacular descent. 

You have the choice between independent exploring, on a self-guided trip, and following the lead of an experienced guide with a small group on a guided walking holiday.





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