/Reconnect with your inner self: a chance to come back to the real you with Find Your Italy

Reconnect with your inner self: a chance to come back to the real you with Find Your Italy

Don’t you feel that sometimes life has become a bit too much? Too fast, too overwhelming, too frenetic, We often find ourselves caught in “fast food” life pace, where we push ourselves towards meeting extremely high expectations. Sometimes we feel we are always running late for something or that what we have already achieved is never enough.

In a world where people increasingly feel frustrated under their own pressure, this is the world where a new urgent challenge arises: step back, reset and reconnect with our inner self once again.

Customers looking for inspirational travels are looking for activities that will help them create meaningful changes in their lives and the world they live in. They seek a shift in perspective, a moment of self-reflection and personal development that can be achieved with a deeper communion with nature and culture. A moment to step back from the daily routine and take the time to find a peaceful retreat to process life from a new fresh perspective.

That’s why we, at Find Your Italy, offer a wide range of experiential products to help your customers reconnect with their inner self, thanks to our gorgeous Italian natural landscape.

Reconnect with your inner self with an Inspirational Journey through old pilgrimages routes

As a travel agent, you know there’s a reason why so many people feel inspired by a hike through ancient pilgrimage routes: whether in Spain, like Camino de Santiago, or in Italy like the stunning Via Francigena, these ancient paths offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with one’s self while enjoying the beautiful nature and immerse in the local culture.

Incredibly stunning walks, delicious food, delicate wine, and fine cultural heritage awaits travelers looking for an inspirational travel experience in Italy, a destination that balances perfectly the long for exploration and the need to indulge in one’s self once again.

Find Your Italy offers an Inspirational Journey pack that will take your customers from Genoa to Assisi on the ancient pilgrimage route, This is a 15-16 days activity pack where your customers will enjoy the best of the Italian landscape with a small group while taking a refreshing pause from their frenetic life.

Yoga and cooking classes: another great way to reconnect with your inner self

Italy is a destination that has a lot to offer to inspirational travel seekers. To address the inner need of the travelers of this kind, Find Your Italy offers a Yoga and Cooking experience in Sicily, a 7 days-tour where your customers will have the opportunity to live and feel this stunning island culinary traditions and to stop to find back their inner self by combining amazing food with the positive energies of Yoga. Archaeologists, art historians, food & wine producers, chefs, and tour guides that are passionate about their homeland will guide your customers along their peaceful journey to a new fresh look on their lives.

From Slow Food to Slow living

Becoming aware of the importance of how we spend our time, is key to find our way back to a new perception on life in our beautiful country and slow food, and generally, slow living, is just another way to reconnect with one’s self. From Inspirational Journeys through old pilgrimages routes to Yoga retreats, we, at Find Your Italy, will help you find hand-picked solutions for your customers looking for a holiday fully dedicated to meditation and wellbeing thanks to spiritual journeys and activities in Italy.

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