/Find Yourself in Italy – 3 Reasons Why You Should Pick More Than Just a Yoga Retreat

Find Yourself in Italy – 3 Reasons Why You Should Pick More Than Just a Yoga Retreat

While a yoga retreat in Italy should, of course, be about yoga, the actual best Italian yoga retreats are about much more. At Find Your Italy, we strive to create trips that are not just a yoga retreat in Italy, but an all-round experience. We understand that yoga is just one aspect of finding inner peace and that there’s much more that can help to achieve that.

Yoga is an important tool when we want to improve ourselves, but it‘s not the only tool. Our yoga packages focus strongly on yoga, but also incorporate a lot of other activities in order to ensure an overall great self-improvement experience.

3 Reasons Why Our Yoga Retreats in Italy Are About More Than Just Yoga

Our mission is to always meet the needs of travelers, whatever they may be. Our tour packages are personalized in order to provide the best possible service. We understand the importance of continuously working on ourselves, trying to be more mindful, less stressed, at peace with ourselves.

Our yoga retreats in Italy are created specifically for that, focusing on both one’s body and mind. After all, being in a good mental place will make you physically feel better, while having a healthy body improves psychological well-being, too.

Here are three reasons why our yoga retreats in Italy are about more than just yoga alone.

There’s Nothing Like Being in Nature

Being in a green and natural environment has been proven to benefit people’s mental health decades ago. This is why cities have parks and green areas, why offices have plants. Nature is where we ultimately belong. It’s the place where we can find contemplation and exercise, where we meet others and be alone.

Our yoga retreats in Italy focus heavily on that natural aspect. We take care to hand pick our destinations and make sure they include both iconic places and less-known, quieter areas. Going on a yoga retreat in Italy with Find Your Italy will bring you to peaceful places like the rolling farmlands in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia and the stunning coasts of Salento, at the “heel of Italy’s boot”.

Other Activities Boost Self-Improvement, Too

In addition to yoga, other (physical) exercise can greatly boost your overall well-being as well. By including more than just one activity, we aim to offer travelers something unexpected, something different, something else that’s exciting and to look forward to. Participating in alternative activities can help you work on and improve other aspects of your personality. The more experiences you have in your life, the richer your life will become.

Examples of such activities, many of which take place in a natural environment, are horseback riding in the rural Orcia Valley and off-the-beaten-track coastal hiking in beautiful Salento.

Eating Well and Healthy Improves Your Sense of Well-being

Indulging in some of the best cuisine in the world is not only a great treat to your senses (including your eyes, smell and taste). It can also physically make you feel better. Eating well and consciously is a hugely important key to living a healthy life. And as it happens, the Italian food is some of the healthiest on the planet.

So, diving into the wonderful world of Italian cuisine is something we always include in our yoga retreat in Italy itineraries. From olive oil farm visits to pasta making, wine tastings and cooking in Sicily, we strive to offer people to very best culinary experiences in Italy. There’s nothing like sharing delicious, healthy food with other people, which is an intricate part of the Italian culture. It’s the ultimate “feel good” activity.

On this page, you’ll find all our packages related to a yoga retreat in Italy. You’ll notice their variety and customizability.

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