/Wedding Tourism In Italy a booming trend worth 385 million euro

Wedding Tourism In Italy a booming trend worth 385 million euro

For a travel company, advertising wedding locations in Italy goes beyond selling tickets and printing exotic location on pamphlet showing couples cozied up together. Now, it’s more of giving a technical insight into what the wedding location and venue has to offer. simply put, you are going to help this lovely couple start off on a good foot and get good value for their money.

Destination weddings are the real deal nowadays and 78% statistics shows that Italy seems to be on top of the charts. Why do I say so, this year alone over 7,147 weddings have been conducted in Italy with over 386million euros in turnover and no am not kidding. With an average Italian destination wedding, 3-5 days and 4-8 days for guests and couples respectively.

There are different ways to tie the knot in Italy, Massimo Ferrazzi founder of JFC has studied the three types of weddings and their economic impacts.

The standard ceremony boasts a 76.2% preference and 137 million turnovers. Luxury ceremonies are preferred by 19.4% and a 178.2million in yearly attendance. super luxury opted by deep pockets is only 4.4% and a 70.6 million turnover.

The greater number of couples opting for Italian weddings are from the USA, with a 24.1% rate, the UK goes to 21.95 Germany is struggling with 5.9%.

10 Most Preferred Locations For Wedding tourists In Italy.

• Villa ll Gufo, chlanti and Arezzo, Tuscany
• Castle mago, Tuscany coast, Tuscany
• Villa Ribezzo, Puglia, southern Italy
• Villa selva, lake Garda, Italian lake, northern Italy
• villa faruffini, Umbrla, central Italy
• cosale Cocca, montapulciano, Tuscany, central Italy
• villa la fauci, San Gimignano, Tuscany, central Italy
• villa silva, Puglia, southern Italy
• villa tafera, Florence/ Tuscany/ central Italy
• Lorenzo village, san Gimignano, Tuscany, central Italy

From the comprehensive list above, we can clearly deduct that 24.45 preferred locations in Tuscany, 16.9% prefer Campania and the coats of Amalfi/Capri. The beautiful city of Veneto struggles with a 10.5% preference. Most wedding locations are likely to be villas or farmhouses. 76% of tourists claim it brings them closer to nature.

Why the much fuss about Italy among couples?

From Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake 32% of a host other celebrities yearly, it’s no news Italian weddings are quite a thing now, helping about 12% wedding planners,31% hotels and villas, and most especially 44% travel companies turn billionaires year after year. First the influence on the choice of the bride and groom are the gastronomic excellence in 15.8% of the cases. The serenity and beauty of the supposed location cut an 11.3% while the sophisticated so-called sweet life is 10%. The traditional religious rite ceremony is patronized by 23% while the more conventional civil ceremony is at 31.4%, symbolic ire at 45%.

For travel companies looking to go into wedding tourism. There is a yearly increase rate of 4.2% on the rate of Italian wedding tourism. 32% rely on your help them seek the dream locations and you dare not disappoint. With the appropriate approach and medium, you can help a great number of couples achieve the dream wedding they desire.

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