/Running in Florence, Italy with the Trail Running Experience

Running in Florence, Italy with the Trail Running Experience

From strolling through vineyards and having dinners on terraces to wandering ancient cities’ streets and even running in Florence, Italy has much to offer to lovers of the great outdoors. Like many other countries in Mediterranean Europe, Italy is a very outdoor-minded place.

In fact, if you’re an avid runner, jogging or hiker and would like to do some trail running, Italy is the place to go. As Davide Grazielli, an Italian long-distance runner and endurance coach, says: “In Italy, the weather conditions sometimes allow you to run in T-shirts and shorts in the middle of winter.”

Why Running in Florence Italy Is a Great Way to See Tuscany

Although there are other events about trail running in Italy, it’s Florence that arguably has the most exciting one. On March 30, 2019, the EcoTrail Florence will take place, the only Italian stage of this internationally renowned eco-friendly running event.

Walking and running⎯getting around powered by your own body in general⎯is always a great way to experience a new place. Being outdoors allows you to smell the landscape, hear the wind and birds, feel the sun (or rain). It allows you to have a real sensational experience, in the literal sense of those words. Running is all about your senses, as well as the physical exercise, which is rewarding in and by itself.

So, as Davide states: “Taking part in the EcoTrail Florence means having the possibility to enjoy running while exploring Tuscany, one of the most interesting regions in Italy.” Afterward, there is, of course, plenty of time for relaxation and indulging in Italy’s fine arts and cuisine.

Florence and Tuscany are at the heart of Italy’s outdoor travel industry. Local businesses and tour operators offer everything from long-distance walks between Tuscan hilltop towns to bicycle excursions and, now, find themselves at the forefront of the trail running Italy movement. They’re pioneers of Italy trail running tourism, if you will.

Itinerary of the Trail Running in Florence Experience

The EcoTrail Florence running race kicks off in the heart of the city, right underneath and between the imposing centuries-old architecture Florence is so famous for. The route then takes you along the Arno River and into the rolling Tuscan hills. After meandering through the countryside and hillside forests, you’ll arrive back in the city center.

It’s that very combination of seeing the beautiful sights of Florence and exploring the Tuscan countryside around it that sets this race apart. Trail runners will be able to choose between two trails: a 43-kilometer route and an 80-kilometer route.

Why Italy’s EcoTrail Stage Takes Place in Florence

The people of Florence have always cared deeply about the environment. Local farmers grow produce and products sustainably, contributing greatly to the much-praised health-benefits of the so-called “Mediterranean diet”, while living a slower and therefore less-impactful life is simply ingrained into the DNA of the Florentines.

It’s only natural that the EcoTrail takes place in and around Florence. And it’s just as natural that FindYourItaly and the EcoTrail are a match made in heaven. Values of sustainability and eco-friendliness are shared, while experiences offered are unique, out-of-the-box and, perhaps most of all, memorable.

Other Noteworthy Florence Trail Running Details

FindYourItaly has partnered with Davide to offer people looking to go running in Florence Italy the perfect pre- and post-race package⎯the EcoTrail Florence Experience.

“We love the idea of providing a 360-degree experience that encompasses many different aspects to become a memorable experience: running in nature is a perfect combination as it allows to fully experience the landscape and the environment we live and move in”, he says enthusiastically.

The EcoTrail Florence Experience is a 4-day and 3-night package that includes trail running training days, fun moments shared with other avid runners, and the race itself. It’s all under the guidance of Davide himself. The 2019 dates of this package are from March 28 through March 31. The race takes place on March 30.

Davide also points out that: “EcoTrail Florence is tailored to meet everyone’s needs. People can apply for the ‘runner package’, which is designed for those who want to join the trail running experience; nonetheless, the ‘non-runner package’ is also available and it is tailored to meet the needs of those who want to join the trip without having to take part to the race.”


So, if you’re looking for your next destination to go trail running, Florence Italy is definitely a good option to have. To learn more about the Trail Running experience in Italy and see available packages, you can check out this page.

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