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Project Description

Definitely not only the sea! While offering 1500 kms of beautiful coastline, from rocky cliffs to white beaches, Sicily is above all a land of art, culture, history and tradition.

Very rich in history, this island has countless archaeological sites, including the famous Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the wonders of Taormina, the ancient Segesta and Selinunte Park.
From Greek and Roman remains, it passes to the yellow-golden limestone monuments: magnificent churches and palaces with richly decorated facades, which are typical expression of Sicilian Baroque (XVII – XVIII century).

Art and culture are mixed in craft works, like the Sicilian carts and Sicilian puppets (wooden marionettes that have given rise to a real and its theatrical form), while the combination of culture and culinary tradition has made Sicily famous for its sweets (like Cannoli and Cassata), its wines and its recipes based on vegetables and fresh fish.
Among the destinations suggested the fascinating Val di Noto, the natural reserve of the Etna Park and the volcanic island of Pantelleria.