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Project Description

Sardinia is among the most desirable italian destinations, in addition to the famous Costa Smeralda frequented by celebrities, includes places of great natural and archaeological interest known to few.

We speak of pristine beaches, endless stretches of white sand and small hidden coves in the wild-rocky coastline overlooking the crystal clear waters of the color of the Caribbean Sea.
We talk about forests and waterfalls, gorges and lakes, coal and metals mines, and Nuraghi (typical stone building, in the shape of a truncated cone, built from 1800 BC) that can be admired inside, between the hills and mountain ranges.

For these reasons, this island promises to be an ideal destination not only for lovers of history and traditions, but especially for the outdoor sports enthusiasts, from hiking to snorkeling, from mountain biking to kayaking, from sup canyoning.

Between the lands to be discovered, the Sulcis, the Sinis and Montiferru