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Project Description

Blue sea and sunny countryside, Apulia is traditionally a land of fishermen and farmers.

Embraced by the Adriatic and Ionian seas, it boasts some of the most beautiful seaside resorts of Italy. And if along the coast stand out bays, fjords, caves and white beaches, inland, to capture the traveler eyes are the Mediterranean maquis, the olive groves enclosed by dry stone walls, the trulli and the masserie, typical of character buildings rural, that now often host accommodation can offer the most authentic hospitality in this land. Stage of transition for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, Apulia is a land of faith, with countless churches and shrines, but also in tradition and folklore, often closely linked to the cycles of nature.

You can join it by participating in the olive harvest, or one of the many events at the rate of Taranta, tasting any wine and food product, after seeing it born on its farm, visited even by bike or on horseback. A trip through Apulia can not be considered as such without visiting the Val d’Itria and its Trulli, Salento with the baroque Lecce, Otranto, the Gateway to the East, Gallipoli, the Pearl of the Ionian and Ostuni, the White City.