/How Do We Select Our Suppliers and Partners to Meet Our Responsible Travel Promise?

How Do We Select Our Suppliers and Partners to Meet Our Responsible Travel Promise?

As a company, we at Find Your Italy stand for and promote responsible tourism and travel all over Italy. Our catalogue comprises most of Italy’s classic tourist destinations, including cities like Rome, Venice, Florence and Naples, but with a local focus on less-visited places and experiences away from the large crowds.

When we receive many mass tourism requests from people who’ve never been to Italy before, we try our best to lower our impact on already-overcrowded destinations like Venice or Florence. We strive to strike a balance between meeting the customer’s demands and responsible travel in Italy.

We do this by focusing greatly on sustainable activities, such as cycling, hiking and agriturismo, as well as by working with sustainable local service providers.

So, when you choose us as your tour operator, you can rest assured we’ve thoroughly screened all the providers and professionals we partner with.

Our motto is “Classic with a Difference” and we’ll keep pushing to offer the best possible responsible tourism packages in Italy, one of the world’s most visited countries.

This is how we approach our partnerships, how we select our suppliers, providers and partners in order to meet our own responsible travel promise.

How We Select Our Supplier and Partners for Responsible Travel in Italy

When organizing any trip, tour or travel package, whether it’s responsible travel or mass tourism, there are always three main aspects to take care of. In our case, we’re all about keeping things as sustainable as possible.

To meet the quality threshold we’ve set for ourselves, we only work with the best local providers in those three main travel categories: accommodation, transportation and sustainable activities.

How We Select Our Responsible Accommodation Partners

First of all, we never pick hotel chains. One of the biggest pillars of our business model is offering support to the local economy and creating a sustainable tourism landscape. Whenever possible, we select boutique hotels with a small number of rooms that are family-led hotels. Those accommodations have a more personalized approach, which is better for our customers’ experience.

How We Select Our Sustainable Transportation Options

Additionally, we also chose trains over other means of transportation any time we can. If using trains is not an option, we pick the solution that has the least impact on the environment, such as electric vehicles and cars. Our aim is always to use comfortable and convenient public transportation first, while our second choice is using low-emission vehicles.

How We Select Our Sustainable Activities

The third main aspect of travel, besides accommodation and transportation, is activities. Usually, there are numerous options for things to see and do, places to visit and explore. Here, too, we strive to pick those activities that have the smallest ecological footprint, while partnering with local suppliers who share our responsible travel values.

  • Excursions: by foot or by bike (walking tours and outdoor activities)
  • Wine and food: never big wineries (example Antinori) as we prefer small wineries to incentivize local economy and sustain local agriculture, including bio/organic agriculture
  • No big tour groups: if our group is joining an excursion that has already been planned, there’s a max of 12-15 participants (never 40 people)
  • Guides: always locals and from the same territory; we support young entrepreneurs and small local businesses
  • Seasonal: We pick off-season periods to avoid mass tourism and always select off-the-beaten-track options to meet our own motto “Classic with a Difference”

Is FindYourItaly your next responsible travel partner?

For an overview of all our responsible travel tours in Italy, we encourage you to check out this page; keep in mind that our tours are 100% customizable.

We look forward to working with you towards a more responsible way of travel.

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