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Dear Customer,

In a world that is no more the same, we acknowledge that our priorities have changed in the recent past. Our habits have been put on hold, and we did have to postpone or cancel our travels. Many of our customers had to delay their dream holidays and keep planning for the future. 

Our travel industry has been in turmoil, and many of us are working hard to help our customers, as well as are daily in contact with our suppliers, which did see their entire business season disappear. We’ve never faced a more challenging time and in such context, resilience and forward-looking thinking are the key.

We already see that restrictions and medical policies are producing positive effects, as the rate of spread of the virus is decreasing, and we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Simultaneously, more than 20 corporations and universities are competing for a vaccine, which will be the definitive end for this Covid-19 outbreak. This gives us even additional strength and boost to work today for the travelers of tomorrow, and all our efforts now go into the direction of securing business continuity for our industry and partners. 

As a responsible travel operator, we support many local communities and small family businesses, which are the real added value of our travel experiences and for whom tourism represents most of their income. 

We need your support: team up with us

to ensure a shared bright future for us and our local suppliers.  

To achieve this, we are already partnering with best-in-class guides and local providers to plan a 2021 touristic season as you could never imagine! As our main goal, we want to contribute to drive our industry out of uncertainty, and unveil a 2021 rich of emotions, experiences, and friendship! And here is what any traveler can do to support us helping our industry:  we are launching a 2021 Voucher/Gift card campaign and you can do your part.

We have crafted new amazing itineraries as well as enhanced our best-seller, and we are proud to offer you an early-bird voucher to reserve your spot while contributing to the rebirth of our industry. Here is what you and your customer can buy in advance, starting from the 5th of May. Terms & Conditions apply.

Thanks for your support,

– FindYourItaly Team

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Gift Cards & Vouchers

gift card voucher findyouritaly responsible sustainable tourism italy _traveler card


€150  travel credit  + get 1 bottle of prosecco at your arrival

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travel gift card voucher card italy sustainable responsible travel_ dreamercard


€300 travel credit + get 1 welcome dinner for 2 in a typical trattoria

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travel gift card voucher card italy sustainable responsible travel_ explorer card


€500 travel credit + get 1 half-day private excursion with our expert local guide

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travel gift card voucher card italy sustainable responsible travel_ hero card


€1000 travel credit + get 1 gourmet dinner for 2 and 1 half-day private excursion with our expert local guide

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Get Inspired with some of our Best Tours

You can consider buying a Voucher for yourself and/or your customers, or it can be a gift for someone special!

A bite of Italy

 (3/ 4 nights)

Taste of Italy

(5/7 nights)

Experience Italy in full

(10/15 nights)


See the complete list of tours on our webpage www.findyouritaly.com
Or contact us at booking@findyouritaly.com for a full customized tour

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Terms & Conditions of the initiative

    • Vouchers should be bought until 31st July 2020 and they are valid for traveling in Italy until 31/12/2022
    • The value of the Voucher /gift card is not refundable

When you are ready to plan your travel, contact our staff at booking@findyouritaly.com, Roberta and Daniela will help you in designing the travel of your dreams!