/Get to know Lombardy and Como Lake with Elisa and Renzo

Get to know Lombardy and Como Lake with Elisa and Renzo

Our buddies introduce our local, slow and sustainable tours…

Our itineraries are designed to enjoy at the best the beautiful nature of Como Lake and its surrounding. Here the blue sky and the green woods, from the banks to the slopes, create magical reflections… to be seized in every season!

Our buddies will take you discovering the less touristic sides of Lake Como by bike – with simple or challenging paths for amateurs or with easy trekking excursions among beautiful landscapes between lake and mountains.

Our buddy Elisa

Cycling and tour guide

“After a degree in Tourism Sciences, I have been working for the travel industry at 360° for ten years now. Sociable and dynamic, I adore assisting tourists of all ages and nationalities.

I love outdoors activities, all that is natural and pristine, walking and cycling. I like talking to people, listen to stories, writing poems.

A journey is the best way to learn and to learn about people and different cultures. Travelling we can appreciate the world, enrich ourselves and become better! Travel is an essential need for me, the meaning of life itself.”



Our buddy Renzo

Environmental guide

“My name is Renzo, I am 34 and I’m an adopted Milanese but my heart and soul remain in Como, my birth place. I love my lake.

I’ve belonged to the category of “travellers” for more than fifteen years, those people who, wherever they go, seek fellowship with others and try to understand the places, the gestures, the traditions and their contradictions.

Besides the pleasure of good eating, I like to discuss about politics, to talk about theatre, to read History and to quarrel over soccer!”



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