/4 Sustainable Food & Wine Tours in Italy an Eco-friendly Tour Operator Should Include in Its Listing

4 Sustainable Food & Wine Tours in Italy an Eco-friendly Tour Operator Should Include in Its Listing

There’s more to successful sustainable food and wine tours in Italy than simply coming up with an itinerary. Every popular and well-rated food and wine tour in Italy relies on experienced guides and travel agents, focuses on local and eco-friendly activities, and distinguishes itself by its personalized approach and service.

Below, we’d like to feature a few of our best Italian food and wine tours. As an eco-friendly tour operator, you might want to include some of these in your travel packages and itineraries.

4 Sustainable Food and Wine Tours in Italy you should include and why

Basilicata Trek & Food Tour

Quite possibly the last bastion of local authenticity in Italy, one of the world’s most-visited countries, Basilicata is ideal to explore at a slower pace. In fact, Basilicata demands that visitors take it slow. This is Italy at its very best, a place where ancient recipes survive and are still loved, where folklore is very much alive, and where beautiful forests and centuries-old alleys welcome those who decide to go there.

Basilicata is the perfect destination for slow travel. Our Basilicata Trek & Food Tour involves everything from traditional bread making and wine and cheese tastings to walking through the Lucanian Dolomites and simply taking things easy. This type of travel, slow travel, is by far the most sustainable way of traveling. Give your customers a wonderful opportunity to experience this as well!

Genoa & Cinque Terre Discovery: Wine & Trek

Among the best-preserved historical areas in Europe, the Genoa-Cinque Terre region is blessed with glorious food, breathtaking coastlines and lots of cultural heritage. Participants in our Genoa & Cinque Terre Discovery tour will get the chance to stroll through medieval alleys, learn about the ancient art of gold leaf gilding and explore stunning Portofino Natural Park.

This is also one of the best food and wine tours in Italy because of its amazing Ligurian wine tastings, experiencing a vibrant local market, as well as the opportunity to pick herbs and cook a traditional meal with grandma. Because there’s a lot of walking and cooking with local products, this is a really eco-friendly and sustainable tour, too.

Yoga & Cooking in Sicily

Distinctly Italian, yet with its very own island identity and culture, Sicily is one of Italy’s greatest regions to visit. Because it’s always been truthful to its heritage and traditions, Sicily makes for a fantastic sustainable destination.

The Yoga & Cooking in Sicily tour offers lots of different experiences. Of course, there’s the amazing Sicilian gastronomy to enjoy, but guests will also relish the opportunity to meet locals at a women’s winery, a dairy farm, a chocolate maker and a pottery maker. There are also sightseeing excursions to historic towns, a hiking tour to ancient sites and daily yoga classes. This is cultural immersion unlike anything and anywhere else.

Langhe Bike, Wine and Relax

For an active but also relaxed getaway involving outdoor activities and superb wine, our Langhe Bike, Wine and Relax tour is unparalleled. In the Langhe area of Piedmont, participants of this tour will get to enjoy sensational views of rolling hills covered with vineyards and topped with ancient villages.

This tour is so fantastic because guests will be in a different place basically every day. They’ll get to travel across this gorgeous region, seeing and experiencing its landscapes from up close and enjoying its culinary delicacies, including wine and local specialties.

In addition to these four amazing examples, FindYourItaly offers personalized food and wine tours in Italy for all tastes. 

Please find a first overview on this page and feel free to request a personalized quote that suits you and your customers’ needs.

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